Corrie Ten Boom: a Feisty Christian Soldier Essay

Topics: Nazi Germany, The Holocaust, Jews Pages: 2 (738 words) Published: March 21, 2012
The Holocaust is modernly viewed as one of the greatest examples of human suppression and discrimination. However, many heroes and defenders against the Holocaust remain largely uncredited by the general public. One of the unacknowledged heroes, Corrie Ten Boom, is “[an] indomitable spirit.., not just a ‘sweet little grandmother’, but a two-fisted old Dutch soldier for Christ” (“Corrie Ten Boom” U*X*L). Through her unshakable faith in God, Corrie Ten Boom was able to valiantly aid the Holocaust victims in their most dire time of need despite the constant danger of being captured. Ten Boom’s generosity was cultured from her religious background and loving family, who was always supportive and equally charitable (“Corrie Ten Boom” Encyclopedia). As Ten Boom was growing up, her family participated in various charitable aid projects and their home, as well as their family business, served as a hub of activity in their neighborhood, where they frequently provided meals to the homeless and took in several foster children (“Corrie Ten Boom” Encyclopedia). Additionally, Corrie and her siblings, being raised as devout Christians, knew many Jewish families in the neighborhood and even ran the Dutch Reformed church’s outreach program for Jews (“Corrie Ten Boom” Encyclopedia). Later on, Corrie took over her family’s watchmaking business and also began to make contributions of her own (“Corrie Ten Boom” U*X*L). She began to conduct Bible classes in public schools and Sunday schools, making a special effort to reach out to the mentally disabled, and also establish youth clubs for teenage girls, providing religious guidance and fine arts lessons (“Corrie Ten Boom” U*X*L). As a result, the community social work she had done for many years evolved into the Ten Boom’s participation in Haarlem’s underground resistance movement (“Corrie Ten Boom” Encyclopedia). When Chancellor Adolf Hitler rose to power, the Ten Booms began to worry for the freedom and safety of their...
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