Correlation of Parental Involvement and Self-Esteem

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1
Significance of the study
Scope and Limitation
Definition of terms
Chapter 2
Review of Related Literature
Chapter 3
* Instruments
* Methodology
* Data Gathering/ Data
Chapter 4
Chapter 5

A subjective evaluation of teenagers concerning their sense of self-worthiness otherwise called as self-esteem is important in their own formation as a whole. The society surrounding a juvenile will never notice him if he has no confidence in the assets he have. Primarily, having a well valued self-esteem will attract more opportunities for the person, whereas having a low sense of worthiness can be a cause of series of problems or even psychological complications like depression. Thus, the formation of self-esteem is a crucial prerequisite for the development of the child.

Self-Esteem does not come out from a void. The formation of this psychological aspect of a human person is a life-long progression. But, the most crucial period of this process is during the adolescence of a child because in this phase, the child starts to notice himself, his abilities, his bragging rights and how the people think about him. In other words, it became crucial to form one’s self-esteem during adolescence because in this phase, the childish-baby starts to form his/her maturity both physical (mostly circles about bodily fitness and grooming) and psychological (mostly concerns about Emotional Quotient and Self-Esteem).

There are many factors on forming or deforming the sense of self appreciation of an adolescent. The common factors affecting the formation of self-esteem are as stated: (1) Body image which comprises his or her physical appearance and both his bodily and mental capacity, (2) Personal performance or achievements which encompasses the child’s own-earned bragging rights out of his or her own effort, and lastly (3) Social experiences which primarily involves the happenings in the child’s life both from school and home that crafted his or her self-esteem.

Forming one’s self-esteem during the adolescent stage is indeed a very delicate process since it’s a huge contributor for the development of the whole child in general. According to Sanaktekin and Sunar (2008), “The child alone has no capacity to form his own self-esteem”. Every child needs good guiding hands in their formation so that they might not go astray during the process. These guiding hands were being referred to as the parents. Thus, the importance of the intervention/involvement of parents in the lives of these adolescents is very imperative to study for the good of the child’s formation as a whole. Without the parents around, the children will have the tendency to deform themselves because again they have no capacity to form themselves and they need their parents to guide them in this process of formation. Significance of the Study

A child needs good hands on crafting them to become holistic individuals. One of the components of being a holistic individual is the sense of self belongingness or esteem of oneself. Self-esteem as defined by psychologists is the appreciation of whatever characteristics a person has. Thus, it’s a challenge to know the proper way of parental involvement to make the child holistically formed.

It’s a fact that the involvement of parents in the activities of their children at school is an important factor on the formation of these students. The office of Educational Research and improvement (2004) says that “when parents were involved in the education of their child. An increase in student performance will most likely occur. In addition, student behaviours are described as more positive when parents took part on the lives of their children so most likely the formation of their sons/daughters would be improved. According to a study conducted by Rosenberg, There were 3 primary factors of formation among students namely spiritual,...
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