Corregidor Island

Topics: Douglas MacArthur, Philippines, World War II Pages: 12 (3652 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Review of the related literature
The purpose of this study was to develop a concrete idea about the level of satisfaction of tourists who visited the Historical Spot in Corregidor Island. This chapter includes the opinions, reactions and reviews of tourists inside and outside the Phillipines who visited Corregidor island, The literature about the death march in bataan, malinta tunnel, the Filipino and American defenders, and the world war 2. Also included are the number of tourists visiting the philipines. Reactions, opinions and reviews of foreign tourists who visited the island fortress “Definitely worth a visit”

Reviewed October 7, 2012
Tlc73 (senior reviewer) Brisbane
Loved this tour. Early morning start and a bit hard to find the Dock the boat leaves from, plus several people got sick on the ferry ride over. However the staff were great at dealing with it. The island tour was professional and ran smoothly. The sites are well cared for and the detail from the tour guides was interesting. Beautiful island with a fascination history.

Do the light and sound show in the tunnel - only 150php and worth it

Lunch was a buffet and quite good

Good chance to learn about the recent war torn history of the area. “A day well spent”
Reviewed September 27, 2012
Morant(senior contributor) Melbourne, Australia
We were on the English speaking bus and the microphoned tour guide spent the day eloquently passing on her well rehearsed and well informed knowledge of what had occurred in the islands history. Many stops are made where passengers are given time for snapshots etc. A buffet type lunch is included at the half time break which is satisfactory and welcome.

The only issue I had was that an extra charge was made for the Malinta Tunnel light and sound show. Probably the travel agents neglect, make sure this is included and a receipt given for this.

Loved the patriotism displayed by the tour guide and the theme of the program. It made me feel proud that my country, Australia was an ally of both the Americans and the Philippinos who suffered so much during that part of the conflict imposed on the Pacific nations by the Japanese government of that time.

Unfortunately it appears that the Japanese tourists visiting Corregidor are given a greatly censored version of events which deletes any mention of the many attrocities committed by the Japanese army against the surrendered military personnel and the Philippines civilian population. “must do for history buffs”

Reviewed September 24, 2012
John K.(senior contributor) Norman, Oklahoma

must see/do if you are a history buff, very touching to walk where so many died, give you a great perspective on that part of WW2, great ferry ride to the island, and great views from the island, it really takes you away .

“Enjoyed our visit”
Reviewed September 24, 2012
Bd3bmws(senior reviewer) Alabama

We got a chance to take a trip to Corregidor while we were on a mission trip. The tour was great and it was neat to see all the history. The Island was beautiful and the food buffet at the restuarant was great. We also got to see some wild monkeys while on the tour. Would like to go back and actually spend the night on the Island.

“Reminicsent of WW2”
Reviewed September 8, 2012
Lio143(senior contributor) Camarillo, California
To fully captivate the era of WW2, Corregidor is it. Feel the goose bumps when you visit the bunkers and the ruins of buildings. “Fascinating”
Reviewed August 28, 2012
MatJazz(senior reviewer) London, UK
Quiet possibly one of the most interesting and educational trips ever. The tour guide was excellent and the island itself was very beautiful. During World War II, Corregidor played an important role during the invasion and liberation of the Philippines from Japanese forces. Heavily bombarded in the latter part of the war, the ruins left on the island serve as a military memorial to American, Filipino and Japanese soldiers who...
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