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Topics: Crime, Prison, Criminal law Pages: 2 (665 words) Published: March 4, 2013
I was able to locate a public record from Clearfield’s Judge Cherry sentencing courts. The article shows the outline and decisions made for every individual who was sentenced on the said day. After reading through the long list of hearings, I chose one in particular to report on; A 25 year old male has been currently incarcerated at a correctional institution where he has been awaiting sentencing. At this said hearing, the defendant was brought in front of the honorable Judge Cherry to be sentenced on numerous charges.

The defendant faces sentencing for two separate cases at this hearing. The first case was on a charge of DUI. The defendant was found guilty on a summary offense of obedience to traffic control devices, and an act of careless driving. He received a $35.00 fine for each offense. This male was also found guilty of a DUI and was ordered to serve a minimum of thirty days, and a maximum of six months, in the Western Diagnostic Classification Center in Pittsburgh, PA. He also is to refrain from the use of alcohol or substances, pay a $750.00 fine, complete DUI School while incarcerated, and surrender his driving license immediately. His license will be suspended, and the time of suspension will not begin until after he is released from prison.

The second case that the defendant was being sentenced for are charges of theft by deception and writing bad checks. The judge sentenced the defendant to pay a $1.00 fine, and to serve a minimum of ninety days, to a maximum of two years in Western Diagnostic Center in Pittsburgh PA. The judge ordered that the defendant serve his mandatory sentences consecutive to each other. This means he will serve one time period after another. The now, convicted man, will not have the option to serve his time concurrent (running together), he will serve the minimum term allotted for each individual charge on its own. First he will have to complete the 30 days to 6 months sentence for the DUI, he will then be “cleared” of...
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