Corrections and Treatment

Topics: Crime, Criminology, Juvenile delinquency Pages: 3 (853 words) Published: October 15, 2011
Week 6 Assignment: Corrections and Treatment
John Cho
University of Phoenix

Corrections and treatment within the Juvenile Justice System have a variety of helpful rehabilitative and crime deterrent programs. These programs can help young juvenile offenders correct behavioral patterns, therapeutically rehabilitate their mental state, and prevent long term criminal activity. The treatment options are separated into two smaller categories: community-based treatment and institutionalization. The two types of treatment options are designed specifically for juvenile offenders. These treatment programs will help steer juvenile offenders back in the right direction.

There are numerous types of community-based treatment options available to delinquent youths. These options include probation, intense supervision, and house arrest and electronic monitoring. Juvenile probation consists of standard supervision of a juvenile offender by a probation officer. The juvenile offender must adhere to all rules and regulations of probation, report to their officer frequently, and stray from engaging in illegal activity. This type of community-based treatment is important for the juvenile’s process of behavioral and lifestyle changes. Juvenile probation is reserved for minor juvenile offenders and those who are not a risk to the surrounding society. Intensive supervision is more focused on high risk juvenile offenders. The purpose of this treatment is to keep the juvenile offenders from being incarcerated. By keeping the juvenile offenders under close surveillance and control, they can be left in the community. This allows for the juvenile offender to keep their community relations and continue their education. It is important for the juvenile offender to remain in the community. If the juvenile offender is put in a secure facility, it can be detrimental to their mental well-being. House arrest and electronic monitoring are community treatment programs that are similar in...
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