Corrections and Treatment

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There is a wide choice of correctional treatments available for juveniles, which can be subdivided into two major categories, which are community treatment and institutional treatment. Community treatment refers to efforts to provide care, protection, and treatment for juveniles in need. Institutional treatment facilities are correctional centers operated by federal, state, and county governments. These facilities restrict the movement of residents through staff monitoring, locked exits, and interior fence control.

Community corrections have traditionally emphasized offender rehabilitation. Community treatment includes probation, intensive supervision, house arrest, and balanced probation. Probation includes regular supervision by a probation officer. The juvenile must adhere to conditions such as attend school or work and stay out of trouble. Intensive supervision involves treating offenders who would normally have been sent to a secure treatment facility as part of a very small probation caseload that receives almost daily scrutiny. The juvenile must adhere to the same conditions as those placed on regular probation. House arrest, which is often coupled with electronic monitoring, allows offenders sentenced to probation to remain in the community on condition that they stay at home during specific periods. Offenders may be monitored through random phone calls, visits, or electronic devices. Balanced probation systems integrate community protection, the accountability of the juvenile offender, and individualized attention to the offender. These programs are based on the view that juveniles are responsible for their actions and have an obligation to society whenever they commit an offense. Under balanced probation restrictions are tailored to the risk the juvenile offender presents to the community. The purpose of these treatment efforts is to provide rehabilitation to juvenile offenders and ensure public safety, all at the same...
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