Correct Usage of Grammar

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  • Published : February 3, 2013
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Ang PAGAL na guro ay sandaling tumigil bago muling nagpatuloy sa pagsasalita. 1. pagod2. Galit3. Pihikan4. Mabagal 5. mahinahon 22.A special group in the police force is believe to be engage in FURTIVE activities. 1. illegal2. Suspicious3. Unusual4. Worthy5. secret 23.The Defense presented its case to the jury in a TRENCHANT manner. 1. Legalistic2. Dignified3. Vague4. Emphatic5. cautious 24.Ang mga magbubukid ay NABIHASA sa paggamit ng kalabaw bilangkatulong nila sa pagsasaka. 1. nagsawa2. Nagtiwala3. Nasanay4. Natuto5. nahirapan 25.Pilo’s insensitivity has created ANIMOSITY to the worker’s demands. 1. distrust2. Hostility3. Fear4. Distance5. dependence 26.The baffled owner ACQUIESCED to the worker’s demands.

1. opposed2. Reacted3. Agreed4. Resisted5. listened 27.The recommendation of the wage council is REPUGNANT to the employers. 1. acceptable2. Objectionable3. Beneficial4. Degrading5. embarrassing 28.Sanctuaries for wildlife have DWINDLED alarmingly in the last decade. 1. disappeared2. Changed3. Decreased4. Multiplied5. deteriorated 29.Recklessness always entails JEOPARDY.

1. danger2. Crisis3. Apprehension4. Control5. aggression3 30.Business, like life, is much too extensive and LEQUESCENT to be whollycontained by any checklist, formula or theory. 1. structured2. Changeable3. Complicated4. Shapeless5. confusing 31.Realizing that we were determined to go, our experienced friends __________ that there might be more difficulties along the way than weexpect. 1. dismissed2. Intimated3. Insisted4. Projected5. concluded 32.Ang patuloy na pag-angkat ng mga produktong banyaga, na siya namingtinatangkilik ng mga mamamayan, ang dahilan ng __________ ng mga industriyanglocal. 1. paghinto2. Pagbabago3. Pagtitipid4. Pagkawala5. pagkalugi 33.A strong government is needed to promote __________, not dependency,and to encourage free enterprise. 1. self-alienation2. self-evaluation3. self reliance4. self-awaremenss5. self-determination 34.Mass media develop in us level of consciousness that keeps us __________,current events. 1. interested in2. adjusting to3. excited over4. fearful of5. abreast of 35.Failure is the most tiring experience a person can ever have; there isnothing more __________ than not succeeding being blocked, not movingahead. 1. invigorating2. Discouraging3. Exhilarating4. Enervating5. depressing

DIRECTIONS:Some of the sentences in this section contain an error in grammar orcorrect usage. On your Answer sheet, shade completely the box that corresponds to that section of the sentence that contains the error. If there is no error in thesentence, shade completely box number 5.

51. 1.Plumbers who work efficiently from the point of view of a homemaker areworthy of theirwages.

2. Plumbers are worthy of their wages who work efficiently from the point of view off a homemaker.

3. Plumbers, from the point of view of a homemaker, who work efficiently, areworthy of their wages.

4. From the point of view of a homemaker, plumbers who work efficiently areworthy of their wages.

5. Worthy of their wages are plumbers who work efficiently from the point of view of ahomemaker.

52. 1. The time for most people has come to change their attitudes and lifestyles.

2. The time has come when people must change their attitudes and lifestyles.

3. The time when the attitudes and lifestyles of the people has come to change.

4. The people must change their attitudes and lifestyles and the time had cometo change.

5. People must change their attitudes and lifestyles, and it is because the timehas come tochange.

53. 1. Her brother, whom I met in...
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