Corporation and Upside Down Question

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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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Shreddi is a street artist who operates covertly (and illegally) in the Houston metro. Shreddi explains, “After two years working twelve hour days for my company, I was basically let go.” This event prompted him to seek an outlet for both his creativity, and his frustration with the white-collar company that wronged him. His medium is wheatpasting, a style that involves gluing prefabricated posters to walls, signs, and object in an urban environment. Shreddi’s art expresses the struggle of the average worker to balance their career and their personal lives. His art reflects on the challenge of the average worker to do what is necessary to survive, succeed, and thrive in the corporate environment while maintaining their individuality. Shreddi’s work evokes feelings of empowerment and inspiration by pointing out harsh, but often overlooked concepts in the business world such as greed, autonomy, authoritarianism, and the loss of the self while submitting to the corporate machine.

In poster #1, Shreddi depicts a giant yeti in a tie. In each hand, the yeti holds a man in a suit. Mouth agape, he raises one man towards his bloodstained maw. He wears a tie that curls into an upside down question mark, and the top of his briefcase can be seen next to his feet. In this poster, Shreddi portrays the upper echelon of the corporate world as the vicious yeti consuming the lives of the workers beneath him. Just as the helpless men in suits are powerless against the giant yeti, the common white collar worker is powerless against the giant corporations he works for. The upside down tie is a recurring theme in Shreddi’s work. The upside down symbol represents the opposite of what the symbol normally implies. The corporate elite do not question.

In poster #2, Shreddi shows us a yeti kneeling to pick flowers with dollar signs in place of buds or blossoms. The yeti carries a briefcase and is wearing the signature upside down tie. In this poster, Shreddi is...
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