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A bene placito - At one's pleasure
A bove majori discit arare minor - The young ox learns to plough from the older  A capite ad calcem - From head to heel
A cappella - Vocals only
A contrario - From a contrary position
A cruce salus - From the cross comes salvation
A Deo et Rege
- From God and the King
A fonte puro pura defluit aqua
- From a clear spring clear water flows
A fortiori
- With yet stronger reason
A fronte praecipitium a tergo lupi
- A precipice in front, wolves behind (between a rock and a hard place) A latere
- From the side (of a pope's envoy)
A mari usque ad mare
- From sea to sea (Motto of Canada)
A mensa et thoro
- From board and bed (legal separation)
A pedibus usque ad caput
- From feet to head
A posse ad esse
- From possibility to actuality
A posteriori
- From what comes after. Inductive reasoning based on observation, as opposed todeductive, or a priori A priori
- From what comes before
A re decedunt
- They wander from the point
A teneris unguiculis
- From tender little nails, from the earliest childhood.
A verbis ad verbera
- From words to blows
A verbis legis non est recedendum
- There must be no departure from the words of the law
A vinculo matrimonii
- From the bounds of matrimony
Ab absurdo
- From the absurd (establishing the validity of your argument by pointing out the absurdityof your opponent's position) Ab actu ad posse valet illatio
- From what has happened we may infer what will happen
Ab aeterno
- From the beginning of time
Ab alio spectes alteri quod feceris
- As you do to another, expect another to do to you
Ab amicis honesta petamus
- We must ask what is proper from our friends
2 Legal Latin MaximsMariel Angela Piedad Soriano
Ab asino lanam
- Wool from an ass, blood from a stone impossible
Ab hinc
- From here on
Ab honesto virum bonum nihil deterret
- Nothing deters a good man from the performance of hisduties Ab imo pectore
- From the bottom of the chest. (from the heart) (Julius Caesar) Ab inconvenienti
- From the inconvenience
Ab incunabulis
- From the cradle
Ab initio
- From the beginning
Ab intestato
- Having made no will
Ab origine
- From the origin
Ab ovo usque ad mala
- From the egg right to the apples (From start to finish) (Horace) Ab ovo
- From the egg
Ab urbe condita
- From the foundation of the city.
Ab/Ex uno disce omnes
- From one person, learn all people
Abeunt studia in mores
- Pursuits become habits
Abi in pace
- Depart in peace
Abiit nemine salutato
- He went away without bidding anyone farewell
Abiit, excessit, evasit, erupit
- He has left, absconded, escaped and disappeared
Abite nummi, ego vos mergam, ne mergar a vobis
- Away with you, money, I will sink you that I maynot be sunk by you Abnormis sapiens
- Wise without instruction (Horace)
Absente reo
- In absence of the defendant
Absit invidia
- No offence intended
Absit omen
- May the omen be absent. (may this not be an omen)
Absque argento omnia vana
- Without money all is in vain
Absque sudore et labore nullum opus perfectum est
- Without sweat and toil no work is made perfect
Abundat dulcibus vitiis
- He abounds with alluring fruits (Quintilian)
Abusus non tollit usum
- Wrong use does not preclude proper use
Abyssus abyssum invocat
- Hell calls hell; one mistep leads to another 
Accede ad ignem hunc, jam calesces plus satis
- Approach this fire, and you will soon be too warm(Terrence) 3 Legal Latin MaximsMariel Angela Piedad Soriano
Accensa domo proximi, tua quoque periclitatur
- When the house of your neighbour is in flames, your own is in danger  Acceptissima semper // munera sunt, auctor quae pretiosa facit - Those gifts are always the mostacceptable which our love for the donor makes precious (Ovid) Accidit in puncto, et toto contingit in anno

- It happens in an instant and occurs throughout the year 
Accidit in puncto, quod non contingit in anno
- That may happen in a moment, which does not...
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