Corporate Structure of Yamaha

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October 28, 2010

Message from the President Management Emphasis on CSR Yamaha Corporation Group CSR Policy Group-wide Quality Management System Corporate Governan Compliance

Group-wide Quality Assurance Structure
Quality Management System Quality Risk Management Quality Improvement Measures

Stronger Customer Support System
Improving Convenience by Standardizing Customer Helpdesks

Policies for Retained Earnings and Returns to Shareholders Proactive Investor Relations Efforts to Promote Understanding of the Company Inclusion in Socially Responsible Investment Indexes

Initiatives for Employees
Basic Policy on Hiring and Employment Job-Tailored Training and Education Systematic Transmission of Skills Initiatives for a Better Work-Life Balance Assisting Women's Careers Measures to Prevent Harassment Occupational Health and Safety Policy Administration

Initiatives for Business Partners
Fair Evaluation and Selection in Partner Relationships Survey of CSR Measures of Business Partners

Contributing to Society Through Sound and Music
Support for Aspiring Young Musicians Hamamatsu Jazz Week Reaching Out to Schools with Lessons on the Science of Sound

Environmental Management
Environmental Management Promotion Structure Material Balance Goals and Achievements Environmental Accounting

Management of Chemical Substances
Management of Chemical Substances and Reduction of Emissions

Environmental Accounting
(Environmental Accounting)Yamaha Group (Environmental Accounting)Resort Facilities (Environmental Accounting)Group Manufacturing Companies Located Overseas

Contributing to Local Communities
Donations in Response to the Sumatra Earthquake Yamaha Kakegawa Grand Piano Factory Restarts Factory Tours Third Round of Tree-PlantingShizuoka Contribution Activities at a Local Train Station Handmade Guitar Workshop in Cooperation with College Student Accepting Students for On-theJob Contributing to Training for Junior High School Teachers Joining to Support the Society to Send Instruments to Developing Countries

Global Warming Countermeasures
Global Warming Countermeasures Initiatives at Offices

Management of Water Resources
Effective Use and Conservation of Water Resources

Waste Management
Waste Reduction and Resource Recycling

Environmentally Friendly Products and Services
Environmentally Friendly Products Conserving Wood Resources

Environmental Communication Environmental Risk Management Environmental Education and Training

Environmental Data
(Environmental Data)Yamaha Group(1) (Environmental Data)Yamaha Group(2) (Environmental Data)Resort Facilities (Environmental Data)Group Manufacturing Companies Located Overseas

Environmental Data by Site
(Environmental Data by Site)(1) (Environmental Data by Site)(2) (Environmental Data by Site)Resort Facilities (Environmental Data by Site)Sales Offices,Overseas

Contributing to Social Welfare
Proceeds from Musical Charities Support Children Marathon Fundraising in Support of Measures to Combat Childhood Disease

ISO 14001-Certified Sites History of Environmental Initiatives

Management Emphasis on CSR

Message from the President

Management Emphasis on CSR

Yamaha Corporation Group CSR Policy

Group-wide Quality Management System
Corporate Governance Compliance

Message from the President

Yamaha Group CSR
Through business activities founded on sound and music, the Yamaha Group strives to achieve its corporate objective of "Creating 'Kando*' Together." Yamaha Group’s philosophy of management is customer-oriented and quality-conscious, transparent and sound, values people and is in harmony with society, and we work to fulfill this philosophy in our activities. We consider corporate activities in alignment with this philosophy to be CSR-oriented management. In February 2010, we established the Yamaha Corporation Group CSR Policy, a summary of the Group’s approach to CSR. Based on this policy, we intend to work as a...
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