Corporate Strategic Management for Coca Cola - 2007

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History of Coca Cola Company (KO)

Coca Cola was invented by Doctor John Pemberton a pharmacist from Atlanta, Georgia in May, 1886. The soft drink was first sold to the public at the soda fountain in Jacob's Pharmacy in Atlanta on May 8, 1886. The name Coca Cola was a suggestion given by John Pemberton's bookkeeper Frank Robinson. Until 1905, the soft drink, marketed as a tonic, contained extracts of cocaine as well as the caffeine-rich kola nut (Bellis, n.d.).

By the late 1890s’, Coca Cola was one of America’s most popular fountain drinks after Asa Candler bought the formula from John Pemberton (Bellis, n.d.). With the aggressive marketing until now after 125 years, the Coca Cola Company employing about 71, 000 people worldwide in over 200 countries and known as the world’s largest beverage company with product include coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite and Fanta and the no 1 provide the sparkling beverages, ready-to-drink coffees and juice drink. Coke products are distributed through restaurant, grocery markets and street vendor which the main target to sell to the end user, the customer. Coke also concerned with the current trend toward healthier eating and drinking lifestyle, will hurt sales of their traditional sugar and sugar-substitute-based drinks (Fred, 2012).

Mission and Vision Statement

Coca Cola Company creates mission and vision statement to ensure their long-term planning for business will be achieve. It also helps the company to prepare and understands the trends and force from the world change will shape their business in the future (Journey Staff, 2012). The mission statement is a declaration of an organization’s “reason for being” and it is essential for effective establishing objectives and formulating strategies (Fred, 2012). Coca Cola Company current mission is:

“To refresh the world in body, mind and spirit, to inspire moment of optimism and happiness through our brands and our action, to create value and make a difference everywhere we engage”

Coca Cola company also come out with the vision that will guides every aspect of their business by describing what the company need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable, quality growth. Coca Cola Company has identified five aspects that influence the company, people, portfolio, planet, profit and productivity.

i. People: Being a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be. ii. Portfolio: Bringing to the world a portfolio of quality beverage brands that anticipate and satisfy people's desires and needs. iii. Partners: Nurturing a winning network of customers and suppliers, together we create mutual, enduring value. iv. Planet: Being a responsible citizen that makes a difference by helping build and support sustainable communities. v. Profit: Maximizing long-term return to shareowners while being mindful of our overall responsibilities.

component| yes| no|
Customers| | * |
Product or services| | * |
Markets| | * |
Technology| | * |
Concern for survival, growth and profitability| * | | Philosophy| * | |
Self-concept| | * |
Concern for public image| | * |
Concern for employee| | * |

Analysis from the mission statement matrix is Coca Cola only fulfil two out of nine recommended components, they concern for survival and their basic belief however Coca Cola lacks of other component such as customer where they did not specify who the customer of their brands. Coca Cola also did not stated their major product which is beverage but only stated they could refresh the world as they assuming their customer know what goods they produce. As the Coca Cola Company is in beverage industries they did not mention the current technology they use. Coca Cola also did not show their major competitive advantage than their competitor as it was the factor that can influence investor to invest in their company....
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