Corporate Sponsorships in Schools

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Corporate Sponsorships In Schools
Across America corporate engagements in schools has been commonly known, providing many schools with the financial assistance in exchange for disseminating their company’s name and logo freely throughout the school. Due to limited funding by the government for some schools, branded vending machines or score boards can provide the schools with much needed funds to develop and maintain programs in schools (“School Budget Cuts”). However, many argue that advertising brands in schools can be detrimental to the students. In some cases corporate sponsorships can be pernicious; however, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages, since they provide the funds schools need to maintain and improve programs, supply text books and other learning equipment for every student and also provide scholarships. This lessens the financial burden on schools and has an impact on not only the school but the students giving them better learning materials and environment.

In todays society most schools have financials burdens that deprive them of the fundamental materials needed to maintain the school and provide a highly educational experience for every student. Schools have to buy textbooks, classroom equipment and materials, computers and many other learning essentials. However, due to the insufficient funding provided to schools, many cannot afford these basic learning essentials to run a highly effective and educational learning environment. In the state of California approximately 5 million dollars was cut from their education budget, in result the schools don’t have enough funding to provide textbooks and materials for the students (“California’s Text Book Crisis”). Approximately two million students cannot take textbooks home for studying and homework and more than half a million students do not have textbooks to use in class (“California’s Text Book Crisis”). Most teachers in these schools lack other essential materials, such as graphing paper,...
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