Corporate Social Responsibility Policy for Kenya

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  • Published : January 20, 2013
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Bachelor thesis
Mizizi Foundation 2.0
Kenya Goes Sustainable

Fedde Alwin Quispel

Stichting AfriCulture
Anoek Vriesema

Hogeschool Rotterdam
Management, Economie en Recht
P.J.M. van Nispen tot Pannerden

June 2011

After two and a half years of studying, I was given the opportunity to do a research project as part of my graduation. Since I wanted to go abroad for a longer time, I tried to look for internships in countries outside the Netherlands. In my second year, I did an internship at Move Your World. Move Your World aims to create awareness on (business) development issues among young Dutch citizens by organising workshops, seminars and competitions. Working with this subject for five months made me realise I wanted to find an internship in a developing country, focusing on business topics. After the internship, Move Your World offered me a job as a project assistant. The job description said I had to work with international development matters and I had to host the vacancy platform on the website. This meant that most vacancies regarding international development would end up in my inbox. I took the job and one of my main goals was to find a suitable internship abroad, regarding some sort of business topic.

Luckily, in October 2010, Stichting AfriCulture’s vacancy dropped in my inbox. There were two main aspects that triggered my attention. First of all, it was in a developing country, Kenya. Secondly, I had to construct a business plan for an organisation. It suited perfectly to my wishes. I applied and I was selected to go to Kenya, together with two other Dutch business students. For the past three months I conducted a research for Mizizi Foundation, an organisation that tries to create awareness on Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Entrepreneurship among Kenyans.

The problem I dealt with was finding a way to restart Mizizi Foundation. Working with an organisational...
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