Corporate Social Responsibility of Hsbc

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About HSBC
Hongkong Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) is one of the largest banking and financial services organizations in the world. We are the world's local bank. Headquarter: London
Network: HSBC's international network comprises around 8,000 offices in 88 countries and territories in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, the Americas, the Middle East and Africa. Shareholders: With listings on the London, Hong Kong, New York, Paris and Bermuda stock exchanges, shares in HSBC Holdings plc are held by around 220,000 shareholders in 119 countries and territories. The shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange in the form of American Depositary Receipts. Activities: Through an international network linked by advanced technology, including a rapidly growing e-commerce capability, HSBC provides a comprehensive range of financial services: personal financial services; commercial banking; corporate, investment banking and markets; private banking; and other activities. Group Values and Business Principles

The HSBC corporate character defines the values and principles inherent in all our everyday dealings. Group History
The HSBC Group has an international pedigree which is unique. Many of its principal companies opened for business over a century ago and they have a history which is rich in variety and achievement. The HSBC Group is named after its founding member, The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, which was established in 1865 to finance the growing trade between China and Europe.

Corporate Social Responsibility
For HSBC, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) means managing our business responsibly and sensitively for long-term success.  As part of our CSR, HSBC strives to be a catalyst for progress in the communities we serve. Focusing on education and the environment, HSBC builds strong, enduring relationships with a wide range of organizations, providing the resources and tools to sustain long-term results. HSBC's 2008 U.S. social investment was $26 million and we were honored to have been recognized by more than 15 of our partner organizations for our philanthropy. The Community & Philanthropic Services department manages HSBC's social investment primarily through stewarding HSBC's contributions and leading employee engagement initiatives.

HSBC invests in educational programs that are sustainable and add value to our communities through our Community & Philanthropic Services department and through our Consumer Affairs department. Philanthropic Giving

HSBC's Community & Philanthropic Services department focuses on projects and organizations that educate students aged 3-25, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds or for schools in economically deprived areas.  HSBC provides Corporate Contributions that give young people hope, a positive attitude, opportunities for success, and a better future. HSBC is proud of our signature partnership with Junior Achievement, the world's largest nonprofit organization dedicated to educating young people to value free enterprise, business and economics. Financial Education

HSBC’s Consumer Affairs department offers and supports financial education for youth and adults, including HSBC's YourMoneyCounts® financial education platform and web site, to help people become more confident in managing their money and making more informed financial decisions. The cornerstone of the platform is the web site,, which has welcomed more than 3.5 million visitors since 2003.  The easy-to-use web site has a wealth of information; interactive calculators and resources to help you manage your money learn about saving, spending and borrowing and are available in both English and Spanish. Adult Financial Literacy Workshops  HSBC partners with the Center for Neighborhood Enterprise (CNE) to provide Adult Financial Literacy Workshops, delivering program funding, workshop content and curriculum and employee...
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