Corporate Social Responsibility of Hsbc

Topics: Individualism, Management, Natural resource Pages: 2 (497 words) Published: March 6, 2013

* Size of organization
Culture differs between large and small organizations. Culture will tend to be less formal and more centred around an individual leader in a small organization. In a large organization culture will be far more complex and formalized.

* Management style
The leaders and senior managers of an organization play a vital role in shaping the "feel" of an organization. Jack Welch played a vital role in creating the innovative and entrepreneurial culture of GE.

Russia has a well-educated, low-cost labor force and is rich in natural resources. 俄羅斯擁有受過良好教育的,低成本的勞動力和豐富的自然資源。

Russia has a well-educated, low-cost labor force and is rich in natural resources. However, Russia has not reached its economic potential during its transition to a market economy, partly because few outsiders appear to understand how to operate there. 俄羅斯擁有受過良好教育的,低成本的勞動力和豐富的自然資源。然而,俄羅斯並沒有達到其經濟潛力,其經濟向市場經濟的過渡期間,部分原因是很少有外人出現,以了解如何操作。

Russia has been plagued by problems such as organized crime, intractable bureaucracy, and an unstable political and economic system. 俄羅斯一直困擾著諸如有組織犯罪,頑固官僚,和不穩定的政治和經濟制度的問題。

Regardless of who [sic] the legal owner...
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