Corporate Social Responsibility and Timberland

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Q : 1 : In what ways does Timberland fulfill its responsibility to consumers, employees, investors and society as a whole? A : 1 :

Timberland’s mission has been to equip people to make their difference in the world. Let them be consumers , employees , investors or society as a whole.

Timberland ‘s business is a model for both commerce and justice having a long history in this regard.

While continuing to build its reputation as a brand that stands for durability, ruggedness & the American outdoor since 1950 , Timberland has been constructing a reputation of integrity and commitment to the community as well. Timberland is committed to ensuring that the workers who produce products are provided with fair, safe and non-discriminatory workplaces.

Their products are produced in factories across the globe—in 38 countries by roughly 300 factories and approximately 247,000 workers.

Timberland ‘s Code of Conduct is to officially formalize the pursuit of human dignity in the manufacturing process. Timberland has always pursued to serve their various stakeholders— from a demanding shareholder or discerning customer to an employee who wants to make a living with purpose.

Timberland has maintained their contract very well with various vendors, suppliers, customers, and local communities to create products.

Timeberland ‘s our Code of Conduct demands much more than the minimum industry-standard requirements of environmental and human rights laws.

Child labor has been adhered at 16 (which is higher than the law in some countries where their products are manufactured today), and also overtime being paid at a premium despite local laws and have maintained zero tolerance for working hours over 60 hours per week.

Timberland listens to stakeholder voices and constantly works to improve assessment and human rights programs. They have taken on the challenge of helping factories build new and different management systems and improves staff knowledge about corporate social responsibility issues.

Timberland has also incorporated items that often fall “beyond factory walls” into the assessment program. Basic things like nutritious food, medical services, housing, child care, schooling, and transportation are all taken into account during the evaluation. It is ensured that that there are ways for workers to learn and grow, such as opportunities for recreation, skills development, and savings or credit—all essential for ensuring the dignity of workers in the global supply chain.

As a publicly traded enterprise and a corporate citizen, Timberland is committed to engaging investors / stakeholders in dialogue and action to reduce our global footprint. Investor profiles is broad and diverse, and includes groups or individuals who can affect—or are affected by—the company. Timberland’s approach to stakeholder engagement focuses on two central tenets—transparency and accountability .

• Transparency enables to engage in candid dialogue with stakeholders, challenge assumptions and encourage innovation. It also helps build trust with these partners and critics to deepen understanding of impact on the world and advance approach to corporate social responsibility.

• Accountability similarly drives efforts to seek public and stakeholder input as to pursue commitment to commerce and justice. By communicating performance, stakeholders can measure progress and hold them accountable for planned improvements.

At Timberland, social responsibility starts at the top. The Company has a strong set of values that form the resolve for all that is being done for the community – humanity, humility, integrity & excellence.

Timberland has pioneered several progressive environmental and social programs. All these programs together under one umbrella of Corporate Social...
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