Corporate Social Responsibility and Good Governance

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1. We figured out that Insular life foundation geared towards education for the Filipinos, we would like to know why you chose education as a basis for your CSR program? When did the foundation founded?

Answer: Insular Life foundation was founded since 1962 and incorporated in 1969. The founders believed that the future progress of the country lies on the quality of education. It’s the great equalizer for people who have attained a better education to have a chance to be a better citizen of the country. So ever since, until now, helping improved access and quality education is our priority for those who can’t afford to pay for higher tuition fees.

2. We see the relation between the mission and the vision of the company to provide financial services for the Filipinos and also for the foundation, which is to help, improved the quality of education. We want to clarify how Insular Life Foundation is related to over all mission and vision of the company?

Answer: The foundation has its own vision, which is aligned to the corporate mission. “Committed partner for self-reliance and helping communities we served.” The key words in our vision are commitment, self-reliance and helping communities. When we say commitment, it refers to longevity. We make sure that in every project we initiate its for a long run. Self-reliance is a new vision that empowers people to be able to help themselves for the better. Helping communities we served, deliberate effort to do programs where Insular Life presence is established.

3. How does Insular Life foundation impact the community?

Answer: To us, pure CSR is not redone to any financial gain for the company. We do it of course because we want to give back for the community. We like to be part of the nation building by helping people who can’t help themselves to sustain quality education. Some of our scholars become contributors to our foundation and can purchased life plans that also benefits...
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