Corporate Social Responsibility

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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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Critically analyse and discuss the debates on corporate social responsibility. Take a position on these debates and justify your point of view. Critically evaluate what the implications of your position would be for managers who are concerned about the impact of their organisation’s activities upon the environment. This assessment item is designed to allow you to demonstrate your capacity to understand and evaluate debates around the topic of corporate social responsibility and the implications of these debates for managers concerned about the environment. Narrow view vs broad view

It is safe to say, that as a corporation, it is entitled to the same moral and political rights as individuals, it should be that corporations bear the same moral and political rights as individuals: such as accountability and the capacity for moral decision making. Seeing this leads us to the discussion of corporate responsibility. Responsibility is merely being accountable to someone for an action or for the successful carrying out of a duty (Encarta). Therefore the question lies where in what are the responsibilities of a corporation. There are two major views of corporate responsibility: the narrow view and the broad view. These views consider issues based on mere profit maximization and "community service". First, let us examine the ‘narrow' view of corporate responsibility. It aims to prove that businesses have no social responsibilities other than to maximize its profits of its shareholders. Here we see freedom defined in contractual relationships that exist within the "rules of the game". The rules of the game simply "rule out" deception, force, and fraud within contractual obligations. Therefore in a sense, a business has two responsibilities: to obey the elementary canons of (face-to-face) civility, in addition to seeking...
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