Corporate Social Responsibility

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  • Published : March 22, 2013
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Ghany Alexander: The Walt Disney Company: This Mouse does not sneak around As we all have grown up that is us 70’s and 80’s babies that is watching various Disney productions whether it be on television or on the big screen; many of us held tight to the values and character that many of these cartoon characters held. We knew that when Mickey did something it was going to always end up being good for us as children to do and good for the show as well. The Walt Disney Company, they make sure that they support good causes and the environment, they are the perfect example of the good corporate citizen, and they use the image of Mickey Mouse to promote eating healthier through their Disney channels and theme parks.

Over the years that the Walt Disney Company has been in existence they have established good ethics, morals and values that they want instilled in their shows, theme parks and movies; they hold tight to being socially responsible for what the children and parents both watch and have the chance to imitate and portray to the world they live in. Walt Disney continues to have the chance to influence the community that patronizes them throughout the years and they are very aware of this task. The Walt Disney Company has committed to complete very ethical and moral projects over the years, in the past few years they have participated in UNICEF: Play Initiative, Supply Chain Programs, Paper Sourcing, as well as the Mickey Check.

The previously mentioned programs and grants that the Disney Company is participating in are just a few; with the UNICEF partnership- they have created the PLAY initiative which will bring a portable playground to children living in disaster recovery conditions and extreme poverty. (Gill, 2013).This program brings a healthy living and playing area to that in need. They have donated money in support of the Supply Chain programs which are based in India, Brazil and China. These grants are made to support the global strides towards...
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