Corporate Social Responsibility

Topics: Corporate social responsibility, Social responsibility, Business ethics Pages: 6 (2002 words) Published: January 7, 2013
Sauder School of Business University of British Columbia

Corporate Social Responsibility
BASM 580B – Period 5 Instructor: Office: Phone: Email: Office Hours: Angela Kelleher HA 563 (604) 454-2243 Wednesdays 5:00-6:00pm, or by appointment

This course is designed to engage students in a discussion of Corporate Social Responsibility through a series of interactive learning activities. The course will begin with preparing the students to discuss and debate the definition and importance of CSR to a company’s strategy. We’ll then move on to examine situations in which companies have not done a very good job at demonstrating good CSR practices, and we’ll examine the complexity of those situations and the range of possible responses. Finally, we’ll look at some companies that have demonstrated CSR “best practices”, and discuss what these examples teach us that we can apply in our future careers. The class depends highly on student participation, and student interests will drive the topics and situations that are considered and discussed.

Learning Objectives
After successfully completing this course, students will be able: To explain what Corporate Social Responsibility means To debate the case for and “against” CSR including understanding the complex balance between CSR and other elements of company strategy To identify real-world CSR best practices and to reflect on how those might be more broadly applied To critically analyze situations where companies are facing CSR issues, including an appreciation of the interests of various stakeholders To recommend a course of action that balances CSR with other business interests, and is compelling and persuasive

Course Evaluation
Method Creation of case study – CSR challenges Role play exercise – CSR challenges Group presentation – CSR best practices Final exam – CSR champion Professionalism and participation Weight 15% 15% 30% 25% 15% Due at start of: Class 2 Class 4 Class 5 Class 6 Classes 1-5

Creation of case study – CSR challenges Students will prepare a brief (1-page MAXIMUM) mini “case study” of an organization facing a CSR challenge that is of interest to them. You should also attach one article from the business press (maximum 5 pages, you may choose an excerpt if the article is longer) that gives some facts and background to the situation. The summary should be written in an objective, fact-based style and should include three sections: Background: The name of the organization, a brief description of what they do and their history Situation: A description of the incident or incidents that raise a CSR challenge for them. Briefly describe how the situation evolved, what the key issues were, and who the key stakeholders were Issues: Include a short list of the key issues and/or questions that this situation raises for you. This should be a situation that is complex, challenging, and not completely resolved The case will be evaluated on the following criteria: Relevance to the course and of general interest to students Complexity of the situation (should be challenging, but not impossible to resolve) Degree of insight reflected in the description of the situation and the issues identified Clarity of writing, appropriateness of reference article, general professionalism The class will then choose some of these situations to use in future learning activities. Your case may be copied and distributed to the rest of the class, so DO NOT write anything confidential or that you wouldn’t want shared with other Sauder students. Because we will be using this material in the class that it is due, NO EXTENSIONS are possible on this assignment. Also, because we want to have a wide range of cases to look at, students must choose different companies and situations. Email your choice of company and issue to your instructor, and you will receive confirmation back that you haven’t chosen a duplicate. Role play exercise – CSR challenges We will...
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