Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate Social Responsibility

By | November 2012
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Discovery Communications

Corporate Social Responsibility BUS 761

Annabel Beerel, Ph.D

About Discovery Communications

Discovery Communications was discovered in 1985 by John Hendricks. Headquartered in Silver Springs, Maryland, Discovery Communications is the corporate umbrella over such successful creative networks on television as The Discovery Channel, TLC (The Learning Channel), Animal Planet and The Travel Channel (1). CEO David Zaslav just received an increase in his payroll, earning $42.6 million in 2010, including stock options. According to Discovery Communications’ Board of Directors, he is worth every cent of his salary due to the surge in stock prices under his direction (2).

How I was intrigued by Discovery Communications began with the corporations’ toy store divisions, Discovery Store. This toy store offers creative toys for children and young adults rather than the typical plastic button pressing robots offered elsewhere. At the Discovery Store a special agent lie detector kit and Sherlock Holmes-like detective kit are available for the little detectives of the world. In addition, little scientists have amazing telescopes and magnifying glass kits available. My personal idea of social responsibility was with this toy store because it does strive to amplify children’s curiosity and creativity, with no need for censorship of any kind. The television networks that fall under Discovery Communications’ umbrella are also clean in content, making them informative and fun for all ages. I respect this as a consumer and as a parent.

Corporate Social Responsibility towards Employees

Discovery Communications has a Mission Statement that is enforced through all divisions of the company and all over the globe. The Mission Statement is followed by the five word motto, “We think outside the office.” The Mission Statement for employees is as follows:

“Discovery Communications is committed to creating...

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