Corporate Social Responsability for Supermarkets

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Corporate Social Responsibility

This essay will introduce analysis of the UK supermarket sector and its impacts on a wide range of stakeholders .The responsibility for buying and selling is rapidly shifting. In today’s rising global community, supermarkets have embraced corporate social responsibility as an important element of their original role in contributing to shared goals, however in addition it enhances their capacity to the base line. In addition, trade seeks to establish their own values of corporate individuality while at the same time maintain public and ecological values and increase their market growth. Corporate social responsibility of supermarkets can mean different things to different groups and sectors. However there is universal agreement that in a global market system, supermarkets must play great role by creating jobs. By acting in responsible manner corporation must facilitate sustainable growth. (Deal, 1999) As a result, corporate performance must not just guarantee returns to shareholders, wages to employees, plus goods and services to shoppers, thus must also accommodate the ecological concerns and values of consumers. An explanation of food provenance chart as an example of the influence of CSR, is provided below showing the difference in consumer choice in different ranks in UK supermarkets. In order to demonstrate importance of the CSR: % Factors in food and drink purchases, by rank, December 2007

Food provenance-UK- March 2008- What do Shoppers Consider Most important? The findings of this line graph, shows the consumer interest in home grown British food rather than foreign origin product. The supermarket structured business procedures and the environmental campaigns, to support British produce are the key reasons for this. This report also demonstrates the market repose to a consumer demand for particular products by offering quality food and drinks. UK leading supermarkets as well as corporations require to supervise corporate social responsibility as any other part of their food sales. Supermarkets are faced by means of a triple bottom line, to advance inexpensively, as well as being environmentally plus equally accountable. The growth of sales in social and financial growth is likely to continue. (Freedman, 2000) Why must supermarket be socially responsible?

The initial part of the Roundtable focused on the query of how to describe what a socially responsible corporation is, and what a supermarkets does to be measured socially responsible. Even before to answer that question, a few people may ask, why a corporation have to be considering this subject? The reply is tied to globalisation. Globalisation is not just regarding the world nations, it is the consequence on appearance of a global civil society. (Giddens, 1998) The world has been transformed due to globalisation, plus by the prosperity of this the environment in supermarkets. Solutions to consumer problems were to be established inside the free market structure and trade. The shopper’s influence on UK supermarkets in food factors at the different societies measured by ranks in 2007, can be seen in the chart below:

% Factors in food and drink purchases, by rank, December 2007

The UK survey in 2007 sought to address what is important to customers when they choose foods. To make very clear customer preference, all food ranks has been used for this column table. Regards consumer perceptions of food, most of shoppers are willing to pay 10% more for British origin, organic or any other quality food, compare to conventional food (Wealtherel, 2003) The food industry faces many significant risks from public criticism of corporate social responsibility issues in the supply chain. Private standards initiative abound in food chains as retailers and brands seek to minimise the risks and also respond to new demands from society. The representation of a new form of regulation, which raises...
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