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Topics: Corporate social responsibility, Social responsibility, Marketing Pages: 24 (7675 words) Published: December 11, 2012
International Journal of Business and Management Tomorrow

Vol. 2 No. 1

Building and Sustaining Competitive Advantage Through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) And Ethics in the Telecommunication Industry in Ghana: A case Study of MTN Ghana. Asiamah Yeboah, DipM, MCIM, Chartered Marketer, B.Ed, MBA,Lecturer and Head of Marketing Department, Kumasi Polytechnic, Ghana

As changes occur in the wider external and the competitive environment, most organizations find themselves no longer able to compete as a result of lack of vision or flexibility and resistant to change. As these changes become intense, there is the need for improved strategies and plans in order to gain competitive advantage. This paper is set to find out how telecom operators build and sustain competitive advantage in Ghana using Social Responsibility instead of other available strategies using MTN as a case study. Questionnaire and interview were the main methods used. The paper provides an overview of corporate social responsibility and competitive advantage. It also examines how to build and sustain advantage using social responsibility. It revealed that there are many ways of building competitive advantage and the choice of any particular strategy depends on the top managers, the situation at hand and the environment you find yourself. The paper concludes that, corporate social responsibility does not depend on literature but is a reflection of the needs, culture, aspirations and expectations of the people in question. Key words: Social Responsibility, Competitive Advantage, Competition, Culture, Telecommunication.

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International Journal of Business and Management Tomorrow

Vol. 2 No. 1

1.0 Introduction
The intensity of competition in today‘s business world coupled with the economic situation prevailing. All businesses including telecommunications want to do everything possible to survive. Hence all want to have a fair share of the total market, making a corporate social responsibility appealing to business to be the basis of which they can stage themselves to compete effectively to their advantage. Because of this, every marketing oriented firm is expected to develop a CSR programme in a way that can give it an urge to compete effectively. The telecommunication sector which falls under service marketing has its own level of difficulties which all their products do face when it comes to the sales of those products. This is because services are intangible in nature. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a concept which became popular in the late 20 th century; a growing number of corporations began to think about their impacts on society at large primarily, because consumers became more aware of corporate activities around the world. One of these corporations decided to embark on the corporate social responsibility programmers designed to offset some of their effects on the world while also generally improving corporate practices.CSR has both fans and detractors as one must imagine the fact that the issue has become publicized and is viewed as a positive start by many people on both sides. A company which has decided to establish a corporate social responsibility programme generally includes a discussion of the programme in its mission statement and code of ethics, making the existence of the programme transparent to the stakeholders and other interested parties. Most corporations also have CSR department which manages the company‘s effort in the field of CSR remain in the eyes of the public.(Arthaud-Day,M.L,2005) : business Ethics According to (Kurtz and Boone 2006), corporate social responsibility involves marketing philosophies, policies, procedures and actions whose primary objective is the enhancement of the society. Many firms both large and small include social responsibility programmes as part of their overall mission. These programmes often produce such...
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