Corporate Sales Paper

Topics: Brewing, Beer, Malt Pages: 9 (3277 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Corporate Sales Presentation
MKT 3358 T/TH 2:00
April 2, 2013

Ashton Gage
Jeaneen Blalack
Alex Luna

Executive Summary
Ashton Gage, Jeaneen Blalack, Alex Luna
Selling hand craft beer to Flemings Steakhouse

We at Hops & Grain are committed to providing your customers at Fleming's Steakhouse the best quality craft beer in Austin,Texas. We know Fleming’s Steakhouse provides only the finest and freshest ingredients in all their dishes, and what not better to pair your fine cuisine than with Hops and Grains’ selection of freshly craft brewed beers. We also believe in only using the finest and freshest ingredients in our beers. Not only do we care about the ingredients we use to brew our beers, we believe that customer satisfaction is one of the most important qualities for our company . We also know that Fleming’s strives to provide top customer service in order to provide the same customer satisfaction. We guarantee that our craft beer will bring a huge smile to your customers faces. We at Hops & Grain believe that we can provide the following three benefits to Flemings Steakhouse; a broader selection of quality craft beer, an increase in your brand image, and surpass superior customer satisfaction. Hops & Grain is a local brewery located in the historic East 6th street district of Austin, Texas. We pride ourself in providing our hometown with quality craft beers that embrace the local characteristics, personalities, and values of the community with every sip; We are the representation of what this city is all about. In every sip our customers taste the fresh and natural ingredients that fill their cans or glass. We love to make beer and we love the beer we make. We are high believers in preserving our environment. Our love for our craft beer combined with a passion for sustainability, we continue to be living our dream. We take part in making Austin greener by donating 1% of our annual revenues to local nonprofits and supporting our local growers and producers. We not only take pride in our community but also the customers we provide beer for. Being located central to Austin, family owned, and having the ability to brew our own beer it gives us the opportunity to do special things for our customers that earn their trust and lets them know we care. We can provide kegs during anytime of the week, even if our president has to deliver it himself. We can also provide special and unique beers to different restaurants that can differentiate them from the competition, and we back our products 100% so if you are not satisfied, we do whatever it takes to make sure you are.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary3-4
Table of Contents 5
History of Hops & Grain6-7
Business Philosophy 8
Officers of Hops & Grain 9
Company Capabilities 10-11
Hops & Grain Presentation 12-17

History of Hops & Grain

19 year old Josh Hare started brewing beer in his house way before he was legal to buy beer. He started experimenting by brewing his own beer from ingredients that you can buy from the grocery store. About every month Josh brewed beer for him and his friends until his friends started demanding that he brewed his beer more regularly. Josh was visiting a friends house, where he found a brand new home brewing kit in his friend’s garage. He then ended up making a deal with his friend; a deal that his friend will always be glad he made. The deal was that he would take the brewing kit home and whatever beer he made his friend would get a portion of. Josh tried every type of beer that he could think of, wheat, pale, blonde, brown, porter, red, IPA but his very first beer he ever brewed was an English Stout. A couple years later Josh gave up his job of being a 7th grade science teacher in Austin, and moved to Boulder, CO to be have a career in being a triathlete. Living in...
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