Corporate Research of Fairmont Hotels and Resorts

Topics: Hotel, Savoy Hotel, Fairmont Hotels and Resorts Pages: 3 (967 words) Published: November 12, 2012
Corporate Research Assignment

Fairmont Hotels and Resorts

Having personally worked and managed a hotel in the past I decided to choose a company for my research assignment in the hospitality industry that has mastered the art of managing employees. That is Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, long known as one of the best places to work. Eric Stoessel begins his article “Winning Corporate Culture for Fairmont” by stating that Fairmont has been on Canada’s top 100 companies to work for 8 straight years and most recently Canada’s 10 most admired corporate cultures. Employees that are happy and motivated are especially crucial in the hospitality industry where they are the first and last points of customer contact. Stoessel chatted with the Vice President of Human Resources, Carolyn Clark and asked her what the core values of Fairmont were. She stated “Respect, integrity, teamwork and empowerment. These core values represent the cornerstone of our culture and our hotel operations around the world. The result is an engaged and empowered workforce that feels valued and motivated.” In our course we spoke quite a bit about what core values are and how a corporation uses them to communicate their fundamental beliefs throughout an organization. Chapter 4 of our “Managing Business Success” textbook talks about how there is a direct relation between core values and employee performance. The ultimate goal is for employees to feel empowered to an extent that allows them to go above and beyond to maximize the customer experience. In class, we discussed a company’s organizational structure and how we are heading towards decentralization, meaning decisions are made throughout the organization as opposed to the just the top-level. This fits in with effectively delegating work to employees and giving the lower levels of management and employees more authority. Carolyn Clark tells Stoessel a great example of employee empowerment leading to a joyful customer. “We had a guest...
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