Corporate Governance Practices in Bangladesh Special Highlights on Financial Institutions

Topics: Corporate governance, Board of directors, Bank Pages: 11 (3761 words) Published: November 25, 2010

This is an exploratory paper with the aim of determining the nature and practice of corporate governance in the financial sector in Bangladesh. Corporate Governance Philosophy of a company stems from its belief that the Company’s business strategy, plans and decisions should be consistent with the welfare of all its stakeholders, including Shareholders, viewers etc. Good Corporate Governance practices enable a Company to attract financial and human capital and leverage these resources to maximize long-term shareholders’ value, while preserving the interests of multiple stakeholders, including society at large. Of the three cases examined in this study, each of them is old in the financial sector. We observed that the leasing firm, incorporated in 1985, made no disclosures in regards to its corporate social responsibility and, as a consequence, conclude that the corporate governance mechanisms in this firm are likely to be unsophisticated.

Keywords: Corporate governance; corporate social responsibility; Disclosure; Ethical Business Procedure;

1.0 Introduction
Corporate governance indicates the policies and procedures applied by firms to attain certain sets of objectives, corporate missions and visions with regard to stockholders, employees, customers, suppliers and different regulatory agencies and the community at large. The role of governance is to maximize shareholder's wealth. Corporate governance depends on managerial performance as well as a consideration of social responsibility, the socio- cultural-environmental dimension of business procedure, legal and ethical practices with a focus on customers and other stakeholders of an organization. Corporate governance is gaining importance among policy makers, entrepreneurs, business personnel, stakeholders and related organizations. From 1990 Bangladesh commenced a move towards a free market economy. A floating exchange rate mechanism was introduced from 2003. Yet the capital market of the country has still not fully developed. Although the country is moving towards a free market economy neither government nor private initiatives have been sufficient to promote good corporate governance leading to an acceptable level of corporate social responsibility. According to the Bangladesh Enterprise Institute (2004) there are numerous potential benefits and rewards for Bangladesh by improving corporate governance, practices. The primary and most important benefit from implementing mechanisms such as a code of corporate governance is likely to be felt at the national level with an improved global perception of business procedures including improved ethical business practices. In turn, this could lead to a process of revitalization of the Bangladeshi economy. If a code of corporate governance can be fully implemented, in public corporations, joint stock companies, state owned enterprises, and non-governmental organizations, the reputation of Bangladesh as a destination for investment will be greatly enhanced. The capital market in Bangladesh is underdeveloped. The market lacks appropriate laws, transparency and the corporate disclosure system is faulty. It provides little protection to minority shareholders’ rights and often action against listed companies is difficult. Solaiman (2006) observed that the Bangladesh securities market has failed to achieve any significant growth since its inception in 1954. This stagnation is attributable to a number of factors that include, inter alia, the existence of weak legal and regulatory frameworks, the absence of active market professionals, the predominance of individual investors, and a serious dearth of foreign and institutional investors. Legal and regulatory weaknesses are considered to have critically hindered the market's potential growth. Some important laws are outdated, and the regulator has introduced some unrealistic reforms over the years. Most of the reforms accomplished thus far concentrate on incentives to...
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