Corporate Governance Benchmarking Paper

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  • Published: May 27, 2010
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Corporate Governance Benchmarking
Businesses in today’s society must be aggressive and competitive to meet the demands of consumers. The corporate culture must be one of shared beliefs with expectations and values that influence and guide the thinking of individuals in a positive and ethical manner. As each organization’s success depends on profitability and productivity, the magnitude of success or failure can be controlled by a few bad apples within the organization. Organizations capable of misleading, cheating and fraud have been highly frowned upon through the collapse or disarray of many organizations. Team A will provide a brief synopsis of specific organizations experiencing unethical challenges and how these organizations experience total collapse and devastation or how these organizations have come to rise above these unethical challenges by changing the corporate culture. By identifying the key course concepts, comparing and contrasting the practices of the various organizations will also provide insight of how each organization was able to react to these challenges.

Individual Company Synopses
The pharmacists Henri Nestle found Nestle in 1866 and currently is the biggest international company serving food and beverages (MAREKTLINE, 2010). Nestle employs more than 280,000 individuals working from various countries. Nestle provides products such as beverages, nutrition, ice cream, milk products, prepared dishes, and cooking assisting tools. In addition, Nestle also provides products for animals, and pharmaceutical products (MARKETLINE, 2010). Nestlé’s 2008 yearly revenue was over $100,000 million. Even though Nestle is the largest international company selling food and beverages, Nestle is a company who faced challenges of unethical practices leading them to the examination of compliance controls. According to MARKETLINE (2010) stated, “For instance, the group has faced warnings over the past several years as it sourced cocoa...
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