Corporate Governance

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  • Published: April 7, 2013
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In the fast changing business scenario, good Corporate Governance helps in achieving long term Corporate Goals of enhancing
Stakeholders’ value. Corporate Governance focuses on commitment to values adhering to ethical business practices. This includes corporate structures, culture, policies and the manner in which the Corporate entity deals with various stakeholders, with transparency being the key word. Accordingly, timely, adequate and accurate disclosure of information on the performance and ownership forms the cornerstone of Corporate Governance.

Any Corporate strategy needs to be dynamic, vibrant, responsive to the changing economic scenario and flexible enough to absorb environmental and fiscal fluctuations. It must harness the inherent strengths of available human resources and materials, have the capacity to learn from success or failure and, more importantly, ensure growth with human face. This has always been the guiding philosophy in the Company and will continue to be so in future. The historic structural reforms initiated by the Government in early 90s have irrevocably transformed the Indian business environment landscape. Deregulation and decontrol, dismantling of trade barriers, partial convertibility and encouragement of foreign investment pose challenges to industry but simultaneously have opened up new avenues for growth.

The current scenario is both vibrant and optimistic. Response, or lack of it, can make or mar a company. The Company has accepted the challenges. Its strengths viz. involvement in the construction of river valley projects, engagement in the business of cement – an essential input for infrastructure sector which is on sharp focus today, its large equity base and its wealth of dedicated human resources are channellised to great advantage in entering new ventures in the

core sector, thus paving the way for sustained growth and through it enhance...
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