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Corporate Fiance Volume 1

David Whitehurst UMIST



McGraw−Hill Primis ISBN: 0−390−32000−5 Text: Corporate Finance, Sixth Edition Ross−Westerfield−Jaffe

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ISBN: 0−390−32000−5


Volume 1
Ross−Westerfield−Jaffe • Corporate Finance, Sixth Edition Front Matter 1 1 8 8 9 29 51 51 52 72 108 146 175 206 225 225 226 248 291 313 343 343 345 377 396 428 474 501 539 539 540

I. Overview

Introduction 1. Introduction to Corporate Finance 2. Accounting Statements and Cash Flow II. Value and Capital Budgeting

Introduction 3. Financial Markets and Net Present Value: First Principles of Finance (Adv.) 4. Net Present Value 5. How to Value Bonds and Stocks 6. Some Alternative Investment Rules 7. Net Present Value and Capital Budgeting 8. Strategy and Analysis in Using Net Present Value III. Risk

Introduction 9. Capital Market Theory: An Overview 10. Return and Risk: The Capital−Asset−Pricing Model 11. An Alternative View of Risk and Return: The Arbitrage Pricing Theory 12. Risk, Cost of Capital, and Capital Budgeting IV. Capital Structure and Dividend Policy

Introduction 13. Corporate−Financing Decisions and Efficient Capital Markets 14. Long−Term Financing: An Introduction 15. Capital Structure: Basic Concepts 16. Capital Structure:...
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