Corporate Excellence

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Part A
Definition of excellence
Corporate excellence is often described as the outstanding practices in managing the organization and achieving results, all based on a set of fundamental concepts and values. The essence is to be better and have a competitive advantage over others in the industry. In such doing an organization needs to have a clear vision of what they are aiming at. Excellence has to deal with a lot of skills such as leadership, organizational, communication, motivational interpersonal, etc. Creativity and innovation also has an important role to play and knowledge and competencies are also key. Excellence is not a onetime success but rather a succession of good results and achievements over a long period of time. It is also moving up levels and keeping the paste. An organization has the responsibility to put in place all the necessary strategies required to achieve excellence. An excellence model is appropriate to use as it deals with all the important factors. Issues like the product (goods and services), employees, customer and partnerships are to be critically considered and analyzed. We can therefore say that excellence is a mind set and as such fit to be effectively achieved effective communication needs to seen throughout the organization. Leadership is the ability to adapt the setting so everyone feels empowered to contribute creatively to solving the problems. Leadership is about solving the problems, which means closing the gap between things as desired and things as perceived. Everyone works on the solution to intermediary problems while keeping in mind the ultimate problem closing a gap for the costumer.

Type of leadership
We have many style of leadership:
Leader Directive (Coercive)
Leader Leader (Pacesetting)
Leader Visionary (Authoritative)
Collaborative Leader (affiliative)
Participative Leader (Democratic)
Leader “Coach” (Coaching)

The style which I have used was participative leadership (Democratic) because this leadership style seeks consensus through democratic means. Peacemaker and with a good listener, he calls everyone’ ideas. It is a belief in the collective intelligence. He asks willingly each other in an open attitude, dialogue, and you will see it often in meetings and rarely settle without first listening to other opinions. One day one of our costumers made an order, we had agreed the price and design, But during the delivery our costumer told us that the product are not good and not to the requested standard. What was at hand was to either change it or cancel the order? It was my challenge as a leader. As my style of leadership I organized meetings with my colleagues, and took their points of view about the matter. After that I was able to make a decision which was to provide a discount of ten percent on each order which was welcomed by the customer. It was in this way I was successful.

Creativity and analytical abilities
The capacity to resolve problems easily is determine your level of creativity. According to me, depending on the problems that I have been able to solve, I can rate my creativity at six out of ten. If I can remember, an area where I exhibited some creativity was when a situation happened in one company I worked for. There was only one computer for the whole organization which was a hindrance to the progress of the work. I proposed the purchase of other IT equipment which will fasten the work in the company. After going through a small data analysis of the benefit it will bring to the organization, I made it known to the manager who agreed and after, the service rendered was effective an efficient which improve the performance of the organization. Greatest weakness

My greatest weakness is the taking of decision. Whenever I am faced with a situation where I have to take a decision, I always panic due to...
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