Corporate Espionage

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“The growing corporate espionage activities due to intense competition lead to highly controlling security measures and intensive employee monitoring which bring about distrust in the workplace”

Part I .What I already know
The reason I chose this topic is due to the fact that a class called human resources management which by the way is my major, once we discussed the topic of ethics the professor covered corporate espionage and determined it as a federal crime. Professor Valdivieso felt very passionately about this topic because his thesis was based on this area. He is a professional who I admire very much, and I was looking forward to developing a research paper on this topic.

Day by day the news portrays crimes like assault, murder, etc. but rarely do we learn about industries committing corporate crimes for example price fixing or corporate espionage. Both this crimes are common yet because the massive amounts of money and very important prestigious people involved in most of the cases, the media and the government do not share with the community the real and darken side of the companies.

From what I can recall corporate espionage arises when peer competitors are looking to improve their products and services or just to sabotage the launch of a competitor’s creation.
Why should we be interested in this topic? Well to let you know corporate espionage or economic espionage affect the economy as a whole and is the reason for the majority of lay-offs around the world. Ethics is a key word when talking about business. Intellectual property stealing is a world-wide problem the fact that we as citizens should pay more attention to the “strategies” employed by governments and in our own businesses starts monitoring every move we can to make the employers clear and committed as possible. Part II. What I want to find out

I am aware of the threats that economic espionage represent to the stability of a county and therefore its citizens. Within this research I hope to accumulate information about how to prevent corporate espionage, how to handle it once it happens and the laws supporting the employees. Throughout the search I will be presenting interviews with specialists such as Human Resource experts and managers. In my opinion the best way to learn about something is through practice so I hope to present case studies reveling real life cases and their resolutions.

Some questions I would like to answers are: who is he most vulnerable candidate to be temped into espionage? Are there security companies that prevent intellectual property theft? I look forward that once I culminate my research, the work will make people aware of the real situation, put the cards on the table and will encourage business owners to take some preventive actions in their companies. Part III. The Search

I am going to use a Book called Journal of Business Ethics, Volume no. 42 written by a well-known professional, and Dr. Marjorie Chang who has won numerous awards for her outstanding performing in the fields of research, banking, and advertising. The book was published in the Netherlands by Culver Academics Publisher, in January 2003. The book describes and gives and overview about what creates or pushes people to contribute to corporate espionage. I am summarizing Part V under the title of “Corporate Espionage and workplace trust/ distrust” pages 45-58 The basic idea discussed in the part of the book is the fact that today even though security measures are all over the workplace and some people can even claim “invasion of privacy”, (Chang, 50) the average number of people betraying their employers is growing incredibly fast. For this reason an employer should always be a step ahead in order to prevent espionage inside a corporation. By a step ahead the book means constant monitoring in subtle way, because intensive actions will create distrust inside the company and this will open the doors to the competition to see you as a...
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