Corporate Downsizing: a Profitabe Benefit or an Unpredictable Disaster

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  • Published : May 30, 2001
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I.An introduction to corporate downsizing.
II.The reasons behind a company downsizing.
A.Cash flow, profits, and profit margins.
B.Organizational structure and procedures.
III.Planning the downsizing.
A.Pro and con factors.
B.Identifying the options.
IV.Implementing the downsizing.
A.Announcing the action.
C.Staff Stability.

Corporate Downsizing: A Profitable Benefit Or An Unprofitable Disaster

The unemployment level is at an all-time low. The economy is strong. The stock market is breaking new records. Investors are buying stocks by the handful. Corporations are making extremely high profits. So, why is it that corporations are laying-off and firing people by the hundreds? The reason is corporate downsizing. The main objective of a corporation is to be profitable and survive in the ever changing times and economy. Corporate downsizing plays a big role in the profitability and survival techniques of a company. There are many reasons why a company would downsize. Management makes a decision to reduce the entire workforce in order to cause a buying frenzy with investors, which results in more capital for the company. It also creates more compensation for management when the company gains more equity. When companies merge together, many times they do not need the vast majority of workers from the merging companies to perform the jobs. Therefore, they would implement a downsizing. Un-collectable accounts will cause a lack of cash flow. A company always needs some form of cash flow in order to pay bills and make payroll. The lack of it could cause downsizing because of payroll issues. Technology is always changing, and some companies do not have the time or money to update their equipment. This will result in losing some customers, and without customers there is no inflow of money. Also with the changing technology comes more competition. Many new companies are trying to break into the...
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