Corporate Culture in Spain

Topics: Spain, Spanish people, Iberian Peninsula Pages: 2 (513 words) Published: May 20, 2013
1. Good morning. My name is Maria. This morning I am going to talk about corporate culture in Spain. 2. Firs, I’d like to say some facts about people in Spain. Then I will talk a little about business and meetings.

After that I will move on to time and dresses.
Finally I will say some topics of conversation with spaniard and answer to your questions. 3. Personal qualities, like pride(lepnums), individualism, character, breeding(uzvedība), modesty(pieticība), image, relationships, are valued over intelligence, technical ability, professionalism or competence. 4. Business:

* Spaniards do not take punctuality for business meetings seriously, but expect that you will be on time! (call with an explanation if you are delayed) * Spain haven’t a meeting culture. Meetings are for communication or to save time. * Spaniards will want to spend time getting to know you and establishing chemistry before doing business. * Typically, Spanish is the language of business, but most large companies conduct business in English and Spanish. (You cannot expect English to be widely spoken. Check ahead to determine if an interpreter is needed.) * Spaniards like making decisions on their own.

5. Meeting and Greeting:
* Shake hands with everyone present--men, women and children--at a business or social meeting. Shake hands again when leaving. * Men may embrace each other (friends and family only).
* Women may kiss each other on the cheek or embrace
* Never touch or hug a Spaniard you do not know well,( unless a friendly Spaniard touches you first) * Generally, Spaniards stand very close when are talking. * Spaniards speak a lot with their hands. (Never mimic them) 6. Time:

* It is acceptable to be late by 30 minutes in southern Spain and 15 minutes in northern Spain for social meetings. * Never be late for a bullfight.
* Lunches/dinners are a vital part of business.

7. Dress:
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