Corporate Culture and Its Influence on the Development of Mc&Bs Jsc

Topics: Methodology, Scientific method, Corporation Pages: 4 (1058 words) Published: March 23, 2013

1. Rationale of the study

The term “Corporate culture” has appeared in the world and become a hot topic of many researches since the late 20th century. When the business environment faces a number of unpredictable changes and challenges resulting from integrity process and economic crisis, enterprises from any size and any country must recognize the important role of corporate culture to their survival. However, corporate culture is truly concerned only in big groups and corporations and some medium-size companies. In Vietnam, the number of enterprises that have a proper strategy to develop their own culture is nearly insignificant. It is the fact that each company has its own culture may be without recognizing and controlling it. In the simplest way we can understand corporate culture as the environment within a company in which all staff and workers communicate and work together. Hence, if we pay a certain attention, we can easily see that corporate culture has a strong affect on the cooperation between all employees, the productivity in particular and the development of the company in general. Moreover, in consulting companies, the reputation plays a key role in the company development for it influences the number of customers trusting in and using their consulting service. However, the reputation of a company is contributed from the professionalism that is reflected through the working environment or, in other word, the corporate culture of the company. Therefore, it is necessary to study corporate culture and its influences in real consulting companies in Vietnam like Management consultancy and business solution Joint stock Company. In conclusion, such researches about corporate culture like the one being conducting in this study somehow will be highly appreciated by businesses. Especially in...
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