Corporate Branding and Globalization

Topics: Globalization, Brand, Multinational corporation Pages: 4 (1364 words) Published: February 5, 2013
Corporate Branding and Globalization


Globalization can be said to be an increasing pattern of worldwide interconnectivity that has led to a large number of contrasting perceptions emanating from cultural differences. With increasing globalization, the world appears to have become a much smaller place, resulting in the amalgamation of cultures as well as greater sensitivity towards cultural differences. There are varied kinds of differences relative to minority rights, religious movements and gender and identity politics. However, the global marketplace is characterized with an unending battle for competitive advantage, which has created the need for global organizations to constantly keep finding new ways of attaining and sustaining their advantages in such a competitive environment. The main thrust behind such abilities is efficient corporate branding because by their very nature, brands have the potential to classify differentiation in pertinent and convincing ways. This ability has played a major role in distinguishing global brands such as Coca Cola, Dell and Unilever. This paper reflects on the role played by corporate branding in contemporary forms of globalization.

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Given that the current business environment is becoming increasingly intense, the leadership status of any popular and well established company can change overnight because just enjoying a competitive advantage is no longer sufficient in the current global business environment. The main determinant for consistent development and growth is the ability to sustain competitive advantage. Time is known to play a major role in this regard because while many companies could be focusing on adopting the latest technology and innovations, others would have moved up to higher levels. This aspect becomes more important in view of the large numbers of organizations that are struggling to remain afloat in a turbulent business environment. The only solution is...
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