Corporal Punishment

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Corporal Punishment

Violence in sociologically is social conflict which is uncontrolled by people because people deny norm and social value that cause of destruct action. In education, sometime educator figure do violence to make students discipline. That is called corporal punishment. Corporal punishment is a kind of violence which is done by most of teacher or parents which is purposed to make students discipline or reforming a wrongdoer, or to deter attitudes or behavior deemed unacceptable. In some parts of the world, corporal punishment is still legal in some of school; including 20 of the States of the USA, but has been outlawed in other places, including Canada, Kenya, Japan, South Africa, New Zealand, and nearly all of Europe except the Czech Republic and France. As the creator of the future inhabitants of the earth, it is important for the teacher and parents to make sure that their students or children adopt the proper values and are set on the right path. However, sometimes the methods that they use to get their purpose – make disciplinary – is can be quite harrowing. For instance, take corporal punishment. However, corporal punishment is not good for students in some reason. First, corporal punishment will influence student’s academic. Teacher very determining student’s academic. That is why teachers should be ‘friend’ who will be nice to them and be ‘parents’ who will teaches any lesson to them. Teachers who do corporal punishment will be given epithet as “killers” by students. Their point of view will be worse when teachers who do corporal punishment, because they consider their teacher as a killer not as parents or friends anymore. It will make them scare to the teacher and also degrade their concentration in the class. In the short term, corporal punishment is linked to poor learning outcomes. Students in Belize stated that they cannot learn when there is the threat of being whipped. Children victims of corporal punishment at school are also more likely to drop out of school. By degrade their concentration in the class, of course it will make them not focus and that which is influence their academic. Moreover, a public school’s use of corporal punishment affects every student in that school, including those who are not personality subjected to hitting or paddling. The prevalent use of physical violence against student creates an overall threatening school atmosphere that impacts student’s ability to perform academically. Second, the violence action done by the teacher will be imitated by the students. As an educator figure, teacher is a person who give good example which will imitated by the students. Student will imitate what they see around them. However, what will happen to the students if their teacher did violence action to them? For some students, they will imitate it and will do it to their friends. It will make them bad in attitude. Student who experience or witness physical violence will themselves develop disruptive and violent behaviors, further disturbing their classmates’ learning as well as their own. The bad attitude that imitated by the students from the teacher who do corporal punishment will be influence to their social life. As we know, children who are in the school age often to imitate any action around them. They do not care whether it is good or not. They keep to imitating what they see, what they hear and what they feel. That is why parents and educator figure such as teacher should being a guide that will give guidance to them to do the right things. The education that will given by parents and teacher to the student or children can be formal and non – formal education. The formal education can be an education that student get from the school. In this case, teacher has two functions as educator. Beside the teacher give formal education, the teacher can give non – formal education such as norm and moral value. Moreover, parents are the most figures who will teach non – formal...
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