Corporal Punishment

Topics: Parenting, Childhood, Parent Pages: 3 (847 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Parent Raising Children

Eve Krzeczkowski

Philosophy of Ethics

Dr. Koepke

February 24, 2013

Parent Raising Children

In raising children, parents want to raise their children to be responsible for their actions and prepare them for the world. However, sometimes children do not follow their parent’s rules and end up endangering themselves, even when parents try to keep them safe from society. Opposing position for parents would provide them with tools on teaching their children at a young age to be more responsible for their actions. Opposing position for children giving guidelines when they do not follow rules there are consequences to be paid.

Children begin learning how to be responsible at a young age, with the right parental guidance. Parents try to teach their children to be responsible, but sometimes it does not go as plan. Parent need to begin enforcing rules for their children at an early age, so the children embraces the understanding of responsibility, such as picking up there toys, making their beds, and other household chores. However, sometimes a parent’s behavior can have an impact on how children learn to become responsible. There are different types of parent behaviors that can reflect a child, indulgent, authoritarian, authoritative, and uninvolved (Tuttle, Knudson-Martin, & Kim, (2012) p. 74). Therefore, parents need to provide a relationship with their children and behave they want their children to behave. Parents who have more authority over a child’s social and cultures roles and rules may become more success at preparing their children to be responsible later in society (Tuttle, Knudson-Martin, & Kim, (2012), p. 79). Parents need to set boundaries with a set a rule for children at an early age, so children can begin to understand what the concepts are of being responsible, if parents do not set boundaries for children at an early age children will become less responsible for their...
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