Topics: Callus, Salicylic acid, Skin Pages: 2 (335 words) Published: November 6, 2011
Corns are hyperkeratosis of the skin. This is a thickening of the surface layer of the skin in response to repetitive trauma or pressure.

(Footcare) says corns can be hard or soft. Hard corns are found mainly on the top, tip, or side of toes where constant pressure is applied. Soft corns are usually found between the toes. All corns can be painful, but soft corns generally more so.

Different types of corns need slightly different treatments. For heloma durum, following disinfection of the foot, remove callus by minute dissection with a scalpel and try to take out the nucleus. Protective padding to relieve pressure may be used. Advice should be given on foot wear. ( health) states tight or poor fitting shoes are thought to be the main cause of most corns and calluses.

(Whinfield & Foster 1997) wrote that the cavities of a well-enucleated corn may be filled with a polymer gel, silicone or acrylic gel (e.g. viscogel) to discourage further corn formation.

For vascular and neuro-vascular helomata skilful enucleation is not always possible, therefore application of salicylic acid in suitable strengths is also effective but needs several treatments.

For heloma moles, which only occur between the toes, careful removal of the hyperkeratosis with a scalpel, followed by medication to dry out the skin and advice on keeping the toe spaces dry, also a soft orthotics device could be used to keep the toes apart, relief of interdigital pressure is essential. Advice on footwear to stop the pressure on the toes should be given.

A thorough assessment is necessary to determine the cause of the corn, leading to the Implementation of a management /treatment plan. According to ( management plans for the treatment of corns commonly consist of the following: maintenance appointments to keep the corn reduced and the use of padding is recommended to prevent the pressure. Footwear fitting advice should be given and provision of foot...
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