Topics: Management, Time, The Council Pages: 2 (486 words) Published: February 21, 2013
To: Jo Sachdev, Operations Management Instructor
From: Craig Norcross
Date: November 28, 2012
Subject: Corning

Corning was founded in 1851 and quickly became known as an innovator. One of Corning’s first orders came from Thomas Edison for his light bulbs. Over the next 20 years, Corning was able to produce glassware that would be used for railroad signals and specialty glassware used for semaphore lenses and lantern globes. Corning also was able to produce glassware that was used for medical supplies such as thermometers and tubing for chemists and druggists. Over its 160+ years, Corning has been able to show itself the leader in all things glassware ranging from kitchenware to television and computer screens to fiber optics and beyond. By 2000/01 the bottom had fallen out of the market with the collapse of the market specifically in Fiber and

photonic sales. After bringing back the form CEO Jamie Houghton, Corning was able to turn itself around and again become a leader. Since that time Corning has become successful in positioning itself as the leading manufacturer for its products.

Corning began to take steps for success when they formed the Growth and Strategy Council (GSC). In the beginning of its formation Corning took on some true challenges and came up with viable solutions. Since that time, however, the GSC has morphed into something else. Too many people are beginning to show up at these meetings. The small “open forum” type setting that once was prevalent has been overshadowed by presentations. Too much time is being spent on the presentations and not enough time is being spent on developing a solution to the problems. Employees that do not need to be there are now attending. To further complicate matters, often times, attendance for the meeting is dictated by the subject that is to be discussed. As a result, often times the key people that need to be there that day do not attend.


The Growth and...
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