Corner Stores vs. Supermarkets

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  • Published : May 15, 2013
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Advantages and disadvantages of buying from a corner shop or a supermarket Advantages of buying from corner stores, they are situated much closer to where people live, so they are very convenient for quick shopping and daily or emergency food needs. You can call in and out more quickly than you can in a supermarket, especially if you want only a couple of items. They offer a very friendly and personal service . The staff usually knows regular customers very well. They know about their favourite products and can put aside things that customers want to buy but do not have enough money for at the moment. Disadvantages of buying from corner stores, the retail outlet is small, so only a limited variety of items and of brands within items is offered. They sell as wide a variety of goods as they can fit into the space available. Prices are higher than in supermarkets because corner shops do not have as high a turnover. As corner shops are not as big as supermarkets, one cannot always find the special products one can find in a supermarket. Advantages of supermarkets, you could find anything you could imagine. But overall, it's sort of a one stop shop, especially in a city where there are thousands of people living in an environment. So it becomes easier and faster for people to buy what they need and still be able to meet their time frame. Disadvantages of supermarkets What you may find in the supermarkets might not exactly be fresh. Especially if you have the same people working in the meats working in the produce working then in the dairy. It may lead to cross contamination although it may seem unlikely that this could happen but then again could be possible. Also the vegetables may not exactly be fresh and because we've all witnessed how many fruits and vegetables seem past due which consists to the reason why most times they are placed in lower cost.
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