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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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Cornell University Supplement Essay
English has always been my one true passion. Despite my long-standing infatuations and passing fancies of a vast menagerie of things ranging from paleontology, history, theater, music, and biological sciences, English language and literature has forever held my interest. I adore the idiosyncrasies of the language, the immense amount of power that is encapsulated by every word. I attribute my desire to become a professional in the writing field to my insatiable reading of an incredible number of texts during my childhood, all initially stemming from my reading Lolita by Vladimir Nabakov during Christmas Break of my fifth grade year. From here, I began to devour any novel I could check out of the library. Never before had I imagined that there was such energy held by language, and I wanted to be a member of the writers that could electrify the pages of their own publication, stimulating the minds of their readers.

Through my enrollment in Cornell University’s College of Arts and Sciences I feel that I would be able to engage in an academically and artistically stimulating English program unique to that offered by other Universities. This would enable me to not only investigate and extend my abilities and intrigue with English, but my other academic interests. In this specific College, I strongly believe that I would be able to engage and challenge myself through the divulgence into the myriad of academic course offerings of the College of Arts and Sciences. Despite my incredible enthusiasm for writing and similar arts and studies, I also share a myriad of other interests coincidentally offered by the College of Arts and Sciences. The diversity of the College is best suited to my personality. I am a driven young woman, always seeking out challenges and opportunity to push myself to the next level. At this University and College of Arts and Sciences in particular, I am positive I would be able to positively promote academic...
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