Corn Fed vs. Grass Fed Beef

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  • Published : February 11, 2012
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Rashad Mckinney
Make-up Essay
Holy cow, I haven’t eaten any beef or any red meat in over thirteen years. When I first saw the topic of this essay to discuss the primary differences between grass fed and corn fed beef. I had thought to myself hmmm I was thinking all cows had just ate grass. I always thought cow’s were slow food because they ate grass but I wondered how so much beef was being produced so fast, but then I thought about all the chicken steroid stories. Cows are ruminants designed by nature to stay healthy and be totally sustained taking nourishment on grass and only grass. Cows, have stomachs that are designed to digest grass. But of demand and because cattle producers are so profit driven, their operations use the cheapest feed available to make their cows bigger the fastest way possible. Cattle producers use corn fed with soy for their feed, because the protein rich grains that fatten up their cows, and because they are cheaper. A lot of the corn, supplement, etc. feeds may contain meat from different animals or the same species, bits of feathers, meat from diseased animals, hooves, animals waste, skin, blood, hair, antibiotics and unhealthy amounts of grain that may have led to the mad cow disease, but that’s another essay in itself. Cattle were not designed to eat corn or grain. Raising cows on grass is natural and not only makes sense for a cow’s digestive systems, but it makes sense for us human beings too, by turning something we don’t eat, grass into something we can eat in meat, milk, cheese and other dairy products. Cattle that are free range and are raised on grass provides meat that is leaner, higher in vitamins and lower in fat calories than the hybrid cow’s. It was interesting to find out that grass fed beef has about the same amount of fat a skinless chicken, and will actually lower your cholesterol levels. Learning from being in this phase wine and beverage class, just as soil affects the quality of wine, a cow's diet can change...
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