Corn Cobs

Topics: Maize, Poaceae, Leaf Pages: 1 (420 words) Published: August 1, 2010
Corn cobs are used in many areas suc h as:
1 - bio energy production
2 - some food industry because of continuing the protein .
3 - fodder for breeding and fattening animals .
therefore this product is considered a vital alternative to compensate for the shortfall in some agricultural products and fuel production . 4 - used in flooring golf courses .
5 - used in flooring big barns for livestock and cattle .
6 - used in the fiber glass industry .
7 - surface treatment / blasting (blasting log homes in the process of restoring them to the original new look)
By-Product of burning corn

As corn burns, it produces a byproduct commonly known as clinker, which is a hard ash-like material. Clinker is mainly made up of silicon dioxide, so it is essentially a glass-like substance. Corn cob is the agricultural waste product obtained from maize or corn Ash and silica content and their depositional patterns in different tissues of the mature corn plant (Zea mays L.) were determined. Ash and silica were highest in the leaf blades (up to 16.6 and 10.9 per cent, respectively) followed by the leaf sheath, tassel, roots, stem epidermis and pith, and ear husk. The percentage of ash as silica was also highest in the leaves. Silica was extremely low in the kernels. The upper stem epidermis and pith contained nearly twice the silica content as did the lower portion. The patterns of ash and silica distribution were similar in plants grown in two different areas of Kansas, but were in lower concentration in the leaves and leaf sheaths from the area with lower soluble silica in the soil. Silica was deposited in the epidermis in a continuous matrix with cell walls showing serrated interlocking margins in both leaves and stem. Rows of lobed phytoliths...
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