Corey Camel Pow # 12

Pages: 2 (544 words) Published: May 18, 2008
Corey Camel

Problem Statement Corey Camel owns a banana grove with 3000 bananas on it. She can only carry 1000 bananas at a time. The market where she can sell her bananas is 1000 miles away. Sounds easy right? Wait there’s a catch. For every mile she walks she has to eat one banana. See now it got hard. So with all of this said how many bananas will he be able to take to the market and sell?

Process Doing the mini POW helped a lot with this one. Because knowing that Corey Camel can drop bananas on the way to the market is an important part, because of he couldn’t the answer would be an obvious zero. Since you can drop them I decided to drop 800 bananas at the 100 mile point. That way she can eat her 100 bananas that she needs to on her way there and still have another 100 to get back to her banana grove. When she gets there she’ll have 900 new bananas. The only problem is that she can only carry 1,000 bananas at a time. So she takes 1,000 bananas the rest of the way. This would leave her with 100 bananas. Then I realized that wasn’t the largest amount that she could sell. So I started to work backwards from 500 miles. I did this because 500 is half of 1,000. The only problem with 500 is that she would use 500 bananas to get there and wouldn’t be able to drop any bananas because she would have to use the last 500 bananas to get back. So I started to work with 400 miles. When she gets there she has 600 bananas to drop. But she needs 400 of those to go back. So she drops 200 bananas. When she comes back she has an additional 500 bananas. When she picks up the other 200 bananas she has 700 bananas. When she gets to the market she has 300 bananas because she had to eat 400 bananas on the way. I wasn’t sure if that was the largest amount of bananas so I tried the 300 mile point. So she would drop 400 bananas and go back she would come back and get to market with 300 bananas. Then I tried the 200 mile point. She would drop 700 bananas come back and get to market...
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