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Application for the post of Core Team Member - Rendezvous 2013 SPANDAN MADAN

Q.1. Describe your previous engagement with Rendezvous or any other organizational responsibility in IIT Delhi. What are the different challenges you faced and how did you overcome them? Ans) Good Managerial skills and efficient decision making are undoubtedly the mantra for success in any front in life. Keeping this in mind, I have constantly strived to keep myself engaged with various fest and RCA related activities at IIT. To highlight a few of these- 1.Rendezvous '10 :-As a participant, I helped in the setting up and arrangement of the music gear for the Western group song '10. 2. Music representative 2011-12 :- Unfortunately, all seniors affiliated to the club passed out the same year. My two primary goals - a long term goal of inculcating a culture of music in my hostel, and a short term one of not only participating, but winning the Music trophy. I tried to strike a balance between the two, organising professional workshops in the hostel on one hand, and at times, playing 4 instruments onstage for an event to secure victory. 3. Rendezvous '11 :-

* I worked closely with the publicity team for Rendezvous. Being a delhite and having a lot of contacts in the Delhi University ( Primary target audience), I was soon working directly under the Publicity coordinator, directly heading the publicity for Delhi University. * Apart from Publicity, I helped backstage in Kaleidoscope '12 and Spectrum '12, ensuring the judges were met with the hospitality their stature commanded. 4. Literatti '12 :- Coordinator, Publicity.

* Undoubtedly one of my most challenging job. Being a literary fest, there was hardly any glamour to show off during publicity. * I came up with the plan of Campus Ambassadors( which was also taken up in rendezvous '12) and One on One publicity for Delhi University. This showed a huge surge in the footfall. 5. Rendezvous '12 :- Activity Head, Blitzkrieg.

* My passion for music made me take a break from publicity this time! I worked closely with the coordinator throughout the publicity of the fest(Independent from Rendezvous publicity), during ZEITGEIST ( Prelim round) and the event itself. Q.2) What is the one thing you like the most about Rendezvous? Ans.2) I would have to admit that there are several things I love about Rendezvous, arguably one of the biggest college fests in India. Having attended some other fests like Mood Indigo( IIT Bombay), Oasis( Bits Pilani) and Antaragini( IIT Kanpur), one cannot make a judgement of which one is the "biggest", a discussion one often has with his peers.

But, What I love the most about Rendezvous is the spirit of not giving up. The IIT scenario always comes up with a team that is undoubtedly severely determined to make it bigger than the last year. Having seen it first hand, There is a plethora of unexpected issues that crop up during the organisation of a fest of this scale. Especially, due to IIT being bang in the centre of Delhi, there is a series of licensing issues and other related official issues. Moreover, the inability of collecting fees for tickets from people attending the fest, the fund crunch is further tightened. But this doesn't deter IITians from not only coming up with a solution of such issues, but also to emerge stronger and ever ready to think at the top of their head and solve such issues. Q3) What is the one think that you dislike about Rendezvous? Ans.3) I realise that this answer is both cliched, as well as taboo in the IIT scenario. But I believe that accepting is the most important step in doing. And we must accept that the previous system of selection of team for rendezvous was pretty much affected by what is commonly known as "Poltu", or MISUSE OF student politics. I am strongly against student politics being used for such personal benefits. On one hand where campaigning and fair elections are only training students for the...
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