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Coral Study

By | June 2012
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How does Cafe de Coral Holdings Ltd. balance sheet structure differ from global benchmarks? Does Cafe de Coral Holdings Ltd. hold more cash and short-term assets, or does it concentrate its assets in physical plant and equipment? Does it have a higher percent of payables compared to the benchmarks? Does it hold a higher concentration of long-term debt? Does Cafe de Coral Holdings Ltd. have a relatively higher cost of goods sold, operating costs, income taxes, or profit margins compared to global benchmarks?

Labor Productivity Benchmarks and International Gap Analysis

Are workers at Cafe de Coral Holdings Ltd. productive? There is no absolute answer to this economic question. The second study considers how labor deployment and productivity indicators for Cafe de Coral Holdings Ltd. differ from the global benchmarks. It looks at the amount of labor required to operate Cafe de Coral Holdings Ltd. and the resulting return on human investment. What is the ratio of short-term and long-term assets to employee? What are comparative capital-labor ratios? What are the average sales and net profits per employee in Cafe de Coral Holdings Ltd. compared to benchmarks in the same economic sector?

Reports for over 90 Eating Places companies are available now, including the following:

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CEC Entertainment Incorporated
Cheesecake Factory Incorporated (The)
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Landry's Restaurants, Inc.
Lone Star Steakhouse & Saloon Incorporated
Luby's Inc.
McDonald's Corporation
NPC International Incorporated
O'Charley's Incorporated
Outback Steakhouse, Inc.
P. F. Chang's China Bistro, Incorporated
Papa Johns International Inc
Piccadilly Cafeterias, Inc.
Roadhouse Grill, Inc.
Ruby Tuesday, Inc.
Ryan's Family Steak Houses Inc
Steak N Shake Co.

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