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  • Published : December 12, 2012
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Stuffed and Starved – 10

* Unless you have a career within the corporate food system, things are not working out for you * Farmers and workers are dying at the market
* Consumers are being fed toxins through processed foods * Children are being harmed by the level of diet-related diseases * Consumers are being brainwashed to purchase cheap calories for the pure joy of eating it (no nutritional value) * The way we eat today causes cruelty to animals, demands high levels of energy and water usage, contributes to global warming, limits our compassion, and is controlled by the most powerful people on the planet. * Worries about what would happen if we ran into a food shortage brought some to the idea of organic farming. * The food system is dependent on fossil fuels. The average distance from the farm to the market was 56 miles. This lead to the Green Revolution * The modern food system demands a great amount of water to produce the “laboratory-perfect” growing conditions for foods. * It can take one ton of water to produce one kilo of grain * 7 kilos of that grain is used for each kilo of beef

* The Green Party in New Zealand has established a campaign for SAFE food * SAFE = sustainably produced, accurately labeled, free from drugs disease and contamination, and ethically marketed * Strives to shift schools away from selling junk food to providing more of a healthier selection of food and drinks. * The government has been working on listening to the demands of both the producer and the consumer – mainly due to the vulnerability of a terrorist attack on the food system. * The government feels that terrorists could easily poison the food that is being shipped to the US and easily get away with it due to the abundant amount of illnesses we already have here in the US * The food system has generated many biological horrors such as Mad Cow disease and the Crreutzfeldt-Jakob Disease....
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