Copyright Infringement

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A copy right is a right given by the government to the creator of the said book, artwork, or music, this is the power given to creator to know that everything that is being created is under their name in order to secure their creation by those people wants to re-create the said creation and sell it for their own benefits.


Songwriter/composer they have this privileges to some royalty compensation if their song is rearranged or being revived by other artist. However the idea that is expressed like in the computations cannot be copyrighted, in other cases if facts is collected and rearranged then it can be copyrighted but not in ways as the same as written word per word to avoid plagiarism like what happened to senator. Sotto about the issue on his RH BILL speech, he was accused plagiarism because he used the exact wordings and details of other peoples intellectual property.


1. Books, for our learning

2. It depends on the nature of copyrights, samples are paintings

3. The best sample here is franchising

4. Depending on how really it affects if such is copyrighted


Here in patent infringement it is more on the protection of an individual to his/her creation to label it under his/her name and the sole right to sell the creation to be patentable the creation it must be original, that is why there is only sole distributor of some product because of such case. Here in the Philippines the sole distributor of Sarao jeep is was from the Sarao family, the coffe of fegarro is only from batangas alone, and so many to mention.


A trademark is a mark, logo or motto specially designed for a company of product to easily identify them for an instant recall to the market itself like McDonald’s, Jollibee, KFC, etc. sometimes the success of the business is in the easy recognizable logos that they have. So using a logo or trademark of an existing business or product may lead to some legal actions, websites must be very careful in their designs for they are liable if they use the logo or even a photos of said product without the consent.


Confusion will arise if a certain trademark or logo or motto of already existing companies is use. Here in the Philippines SEC (security exchange commission) is also protecting such domain name to avoid confusion.


Nowadays to protect their own creation and intellectual property, even the artist for example had created their own website for protection so that their followers can be assured that it is their really work.


Defamation is stating a statement w/c is false and can give bad reputation to a person or a company. While if the false statement is pertaining to a product or services rendered it is called PRODUCT DISPARANGAMENT for example, in a commercial of a detergent soap usually the other product or competitors is always hidden to avoid disparagement and if a said product is mentioned it is blocked by the MTRCB itself to avoid dispute.


In this case it is very important that you specified what kind of services you are into or the product that you are going to sell in case there is a name or sound like to your business name already existing to avoid confusion. For nowadays internet can be very deceiving too that is why you have to protect your identity and reputation.


As simple as the saying goes that all promises regarding the product must be true and guaranteed by the company. Here in the Philippines the DTI is governing it, checked and sealed the appliances. FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION and so many mentions.


Though internet has been a great help it is also to...
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