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1.What is the copyright?
Copyright is like a legal which is used to protect the original creators’ rights. It is one expression of the intellectual property. 2. What is the intellectual property?
Intellectual property is the vast legal concept which is used to preserve the creators’ profits. Not only the material product, but also includes the immaterial product. Such as the melody, computer games and music.

3. Copyright works in Australia
We do not need to register copyright. Because there are no registration system in Australia. And the copyright will preserve creators’ profit automatic which means no fees need to paid.

The laws that govern copyright and why copyright laws exist
Copyright laws were created to govern the copyright and it established in 1968. The copyright laws are existence because people need them to preserve the profit of cultural, and education which in the society.

What copyright law protects
Copyright protects textual material, computer programs, complications, artistic works, dramatic works, musical works, sound recordings, broadcasts, published editions, and cinematograph films.

What copyright law does not protect
Copyright does not protect ideas, information, styles or techniques, names, titles or slogans.

What should you do if your copyright is infringed
First, make sure you get the physical evidence to prove you have this copyright. Then, find the evidence to prove that someone infringe your copyright. After that you can go to court by copyright laws.

When is it possible to use copyright material without seeking the consent of the copyright owner Some special occupation Eg libraries, educational institutions and government bodies. Another is when the copyright have already over the period of validity.

How much printed work can be copied without infringing copyright for the purpose of research or study 10% of the page from the book

How long does copyright last
70 years

Name the Australian law that...
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