Copycat Phenomenon in China

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2008年中国发生了许多伟大的事情。北京在8月号举办了第一次在中国举行的奥运会,并且赢得了最多的金牌,超越美国在金牌榜上排在第一。在9月25号。 中国发射神舟7号,并且完成了第一次舱外行走。同样在这一年,山寨现象在中国盛行,每个中国人几乎在他么生活的每个角落多能看到山寨产品,从手机到数码相机,葡萄酒到医药,春节联欢晚会到电影。Nokir和samsing anycat 手机仅仅是其中一些例子。山寨甚至是这年5月代表大会的激烈的讨论对象,有些会员批评它只是低质量的劣质产品,同时有些人则主张对于这一现象给予更多的容忍,因为它确实给经济发展带来了巨大的帮助。这篇论文探讨这个现象时如何在中国扎根,它如何改变着人们的日常生活,以及发现这一现象背后的原因所在。

关键词:山寨, 中国 ,背景,特点
The year of 2008 witnessed many great events happening in china. Beijing held its first Olympic games in April 8th, and ended up winning the most gold medals, replacing America as number.1 in the gold medal list. In September 25th, china launched shenzhou-7 mission, and completed its first space walk. In the same year, Shan zhai phenomenon was so widespread in china that Chinese can encounter products of Shan zai in almost every corner of their daily life, from mobile phones to digital cameras, wine to medicine, New Year galas to movies. Nokir and samsing anycat mobilephone are just a few examples. Shan zai was even the subject of a heated debate at this year’s national people’s congress held in Beijing in March, with some members, criticising the vast number of Shan Zai products as low-quality counterfeits while others advocated more tolerance given to the benefits of Shan zhai to Chinese society. This thesis aims to examine and explore how this phenomenon began to take root in china and how it helped shape the daily life of Chinese, and identifies the reasons behind this widespread and wild phenomenon.

Key words: copycat, China, cultural background, economic background, characteristics of copycat phenomenon

Abstract--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 Key words-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 Chapter1: Background-----------------------------------------------------------------------2-4 1.1 Economic background--------------------------------------------------------------2-3 1.2 Cultural background----------------------------------------------------------------3-4 chapter2: Characteristics of copycat phenomenon---------------------------------------4-6 chapeter3: Conclusion-------------------------------------------------------------------------6 chapter4: Acknowledgement-----------------------------------------------------------------6 Backgrounds and characteristics of china’s copycat phenomenon Chapter one: Backgrounds

1.1 economic backgrounds
By the time when deng xiao ping initiated the reform and opening up in 1979, china is a country that has gone through many hardships in the last 10 years. In 1979, china started to open its door to the outside world and launched its nationwide drive for modernization. As a result, great changes took place in this ancient civilization with a long history of about 5000 years. The most striking feature of this process is the widespread copycat phenomenon which runs wild today, bringing us cheap and easy access to modern technology, especially phones and music players of different kinds. In 1979, china is a relatively poor country compared to western industrial countries. In the last 10 years, the country launched a nationwide campaign against imperial capitalist countries, especially United States which is the leading force in capitalist camp. In that period, Chinese give class struggle the first priority, ignoring economic development. The economy therefore became stagnant while economies of other countries in Asia like South Korea and Japan are booming. After 1979, Chinese people shift their focus from class struggle to economic development. Individual is able to seek personal fulfillment rather than sacrifice their rights...
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